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Howard would like to Bethesd abandon PlayStation players

Howard would like to Bethesd abandon PlayStation players
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June 15, 2021, 20:25

Todd Howard, director and producer at Bethesda Softworks and longtime public face of the company, has spoken about the developer’s future games that will avoid PlayStation consoles altogether. According to him, the abandonment of the Sony hardware platform by Bethesd will benefit both fans and developers themselves.

last year Microsoft’s takeover of Bethesda Softworks And its development studios, along with their entire catalog of created and emerging games, have been one of the latest in the industry in recent years. A lot of people expected it after this year’s premiere Deathloop, which, thanks to the agreement with the developers, will be released only on PlayStation 5 and PC, All future Bethesda products will be available on Xbox and PC only. These suspicions were confirmed by liquid reports from Microsoft, as well as recently Ads games like starfield.

It was Todd Howard who spoke about this situationThe producer and director are well known to fans of the series Drops I Sheikh manuscriptswho has been the public face of Bethesda for years. with your thoughts will split with British journalists telegraph. The developer asserts that he understands that limiting the number of supported hardware platforms will certainly disappoint PlayStation fans, but in the end he thinks it’s a good and right decision.

Howard says a complete abandonment of PlayStation consoles will allow game developers to harness the full power of the Xbox Series X | S and computers more effectively. All because they have focused their full attention on these platforms. Moreover, the task at the moment is quite simple, because thanks to the efforts of Microsoft, the process of setting up games for Xbox and PC is practically the same and uses the same tools.

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Reyser also reminds us how much added bonus for gamers is the constant presence of all outgoing and upcoming Bethesda games on Game Pass and on the xCloud streaming service. For the first time, many fans will have the opportunity to try out the new titles from the developer on the day of their release. So, Howard is very pleased with the collaboration with Microsoft and the new opportunities it has brought about.

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