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Huawei Watch D – a smart watch that will take care of our health and help our hearts love

Huawei Watch D - a smart watch that will take care of our health and help our hearts love

Let’s take a look at the stats. It’s time to take care of your health and love your heart

Statistics on problems of the cardiovascular system among Polish and Polish women are not optimistic. As many as 11 million may have problems with high blood pressure, and another 7 million may have high blood pressure. In addition, as many as 700,000 people may have a problem with atrial fibrillation, which means a five-fold increased risk of stroke. In addition, many people experience a high pulse.

According to Huawei research, most Poles say they should start taking care of their hearts right now – and not wait until the age of 50, which is certainly an unreasonable solution. Nearly 1/4 of Poles have not had blood pressure tests in the past six months, and a similar percentage don’t know what an electrocardiogram is. Meanwhile, studies show that more than 80 percent would choose to get an EKG if they could do so with a smartwatch. Well, now they can.

Huawei Watch D is a smartwatch certified as a medical device

The new Huawei watch can boast a unique feature. It is the first smartwatch with blood pressure monitoring and ECG analysis functions which has been confirmed with CE certification for a medical device. Thanks to this, the results displayed on the screen can be trusted. Of course, patients still need regular medical check-ups, but healthy and at-risk people will find everything they need in this smartwatch.

What does this watch offer? Improved heart rate measurement, sleep analysis, saturation monitoring, more than 70 training modes and, above all, the aforementioned electrocardiogram and blood pressure measurement. However, it is not an ordinary sensor – the Huawei Watch D includes a small pump and an airbag. Thanks to these components, the blood pressure test is exactly the same as the test with a regular sphygmomanometer. The only difference is that we will take the watch with us everywhere and will not even notice that we have something on our wrist, and we can take the test at any time – at school, work, public transport or while walking. Will you feel bad? Just a few clicks. The test is also more convenient – the pressure during measurement is much lower than in the case of conventional devices, so people with weakened blood vessels will not feel any discomfort, which is a huge advantage.

Huawei takes it seriously

If we want to measure blood pressure regularly, but we don’t have a head for that – which is more normal nowadays due to our pace of life and the number of duties every day – the watch allows you to set custom reminders, thanks with which we will be able to monitor changes in blood pressure regularly. Huawei Watch D uses a proprietary TruBP pressure measurement algorithm. The margin of error for pressure measurement is about ±3 mmHg, which is made possible by an accurate pressure sensor, response control and lower air resistance.

In the case of the electrocardiogram, the examination clock uses a module with a special sensor that enables real-time measurement and analysis of a single channel. Huawei Watch D can recognize sinus rhythm, atrial fibrillation, and even premature atrial and ventricular beats. Huawei made sure that the whole thing was as fast and accurate as possible – the measurement is very simple and fast, because it is enough to hold one of the two buttons on the smartwatch for about 30 seconds. Plus, the watch itself will tell us if it detects any threats to heart health – and if it does, it’s a signal that we should go to the doctor.

It is the perfect smart watch to take care of your health

Each of us faces the burden of daily life. Big projects, deadlines, going through the hiring process, starting a new job or exams at school or college, moving to a bigger city and the first months of life “on our own” – all of us have so many problems that they are a source of tremendous stress. It also translates to the fact that we are always on the run and that we do not have time for certain things – and in many duties, we forget what is most important. about your health.

That is why a smartwatch like Huawei Watch D is so useful, because at least in these aspects it will comfort us. There is one less thing to worry about, and by the way, we are sure that if anything bad happens to our health, we will know it right away – no matter what phone we are using.

Huawei Watch D is compatible with any system – both Android and iOS. Thanks to the Huawei Zdrowie app, we can see all the health results and data as well as specially prepared reports on blood pressure. For complete control, we only need a smartwatch and a smartphone – and without this kit, most of us would not leave the house anymore.

It also measures heart rate and analyzes sleep

As I mentioned at the beginning, the smartwatch is also able to measure our heart rate, for which it uses TruSeen 5.0+ technology. The research is based on 8 photoelectric sensors with 2 groups of light sources, thanks to which the results are as accurate as possible.

TruSleep 2.0, which looks at key stages of sleep, such as deep and light sleep, REM stages, naps, and wake count, is responsible for sleep analysis. Based on this, the watch can rate our sleep quality, allowing it to provide personalized tips to help make the next night even better. Huawei Watch D can also measure the temperature of our skin, give an overview of changes, and most importantly – the watch controls our stress level. If he feels unwell, he will recommend short movement, rest, or short breathing exercises that allow us to calm down.

Most importantly – Huawei Watch D is still a smartwatch

And above all – despite focusing on the health aspects and making the best watch in this regard, it is still a smartwatch. It has more than 70 training modes, receives phone notifications, and allows you to control what music is currently playing or do things like set a new alarm or view the weather forecast. All the necessary and useful functions of a smartwatch in everyday life are here.

The battery of Huawei Watch D also deserves a distinction, as it can last up to 7 full days on a single charge, using all the most important functions. Therefore, charging the watch every night and quitting sleep analysis is simply not done.

Comfort and health in one

Huawei Watch D is our everyday companion, a source of convenience thanks to its many notifications and reminders and its many functions, and at the same time a watch that takes care of our health. There is no doubt about the purchase of special devices and we no longer have to remember to do an ECG or check pressure – all this is provided by the device on our wrist. Too little and yet too much.

However, the Huawei Watch D is not only a good solution for ourselves, and it allows us to take care of the most important people in our lives. If we are concerned about the health of our loved ones, Watch D is simply the perfect gift – among other things because all the results of the application can be shared with us in a very simple way. We can offer our loved ones an ideal device for everyday use, constantly monitoring their health and taking care of their heart.

Availability, pricing and pre-sales promotion

The suggested retail price of the Huawei Watch D smartwatch is PLN 1799. From November 2 to 27, 2022, it will be available in a special offer, under which buyers will get a HUAWEI Smart Scale 3 for PLN 1. Detailed information can be found over here.

In the store, buyers can expect additional benefits in the form of an extension of the warranty for one year, 20 installments at 0% APRC, an additional discount of PLN 50 for customers who decide to subscribe to the newsletter, double points in the loyalty program, which can be exchanged for discounts And fast delivery at the end. However, it should be noted that the offer may vary depending on the sales channel and may be subject to change.

Entry created in collaboration with Huawei

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