September 23, 2021

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Hubert Hurkacz has caused quite a stir.  Great comeback in a match with the Olympic champions

Hubert Hurkacz has caused quite a stir. Great comeback in a match with the Olympic champions

Hubert Hurkacz finished singles, but has not left Cincinnati yet. On Thursday, Poland and Italy’s Yannick Sener made a big surprise by eliminating the best duo of the 2021 season from the doubles championship.

Rafai Smolensky

Hubert Hurkacz

Getty Images / Julian Avram / Icon Sportswire / Pictured: Hubert Hurkacz

Hubert Hurkacz concluded Thursday with a happily ever after. First, he suffered a defeat in the third round of the match against Spaniard Pablo Carreno (more here). After a break to organize, Pole and Janek Sener began fighting for the doubles quarter-finals. They faced Nikola Mektic and Mate Pavic, who won this year’s Wimbledon and won Olympic gold in Tokyo.

The top-seeded Croats in Cincinnati were the front-runners, but they came out pretty nervous on the 7-man small court. They often showed their dissatisfaction after broken balls. The Poles and Italians obviously enjoyed the game. In the breaks between matches they talked and joked with each other. You can see the joy and complete comfort. They knew they had nothing to lose.

Mekti and Pavi were the first to hack. Hurkacz lost the serve in the fifth game, but the immediate response came from the Polish-Italian duo. Since there were no more break points, the tiebreaker was crucial. In it, the season’s best duo kept quiet, defending the set ball (Mektic’s great serve). When the Croats came up with a second chance, they immediately took advantage of it.

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At the beginning of the second edition, the candidates broke Hurkacz’s application, it seemed that they were not going to give up any advantage. Meanwhile, the native of Wroclaw and his partner not only made up for the loss, but took the initiative on their own. They won 0:2 four games in a row. Then there were problems with closing the group. Mekti and Pavi tied for 5, but again lost the service. After changing teams, Hurkacz and Sinner used the third set ball.

Since there was a tie after two sets, the tiebreak was crucial. This game was started by a Polish and an Italian with a big hit. They got the advantage of the short break and didn’t give up the lead anymore. Before the second change of sides, the score was 7-3 for “Hubi” and his partner. Miktik and Pavic did not play in exchanges, and also missed the first serve. Hurkacz and Sinner made good use of it and shut down the match with the first match ball.

Hurkacz and Sinner delivered a big upset by defeating the title pair 6:7 (7), 7:5, 10-5. Thanks to this, they reached the quarter-finals of the doubles tournament. Their opponents will be Steve Johnson and Austin Krajesek on Friday. Until recently, the first representatives of the United States were under the auspices of Polish coach Craig Boynton. The Americans play Cincinnati thanks to a wild card and have not lost a set yet.

Western and Southern Open, Cincinnati (USA)
ATP Masters 1000, Hard Court, $ 3.028 million prize pool
Thursday 19 August

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Second round of doubles:

Hubert Hurkacz (Poland) / Jannik Sinner (Italy) – Nikola Mekti (Croatia, 1) / Mate Pavic (Croatia, 1) 6:7 ​​(7), 7:5, 10-5

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