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Huge fines for three influencers. Promote the financial pyramids

Huge fines for three influencers.  Promote the financial pyramids

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As stated by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK), influencer Mateusz Juda, Zbigniew Leminski and Bartomij Jokevich promoted the prohibited pyramid promotional regimes, resulting in penalties totaling 740,000 PLN. zloty. Men are known to run websites and profiles on social media platforms.

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Three influencers punished for promoting financial pyramids

Mateusz Juda, who ran a company until September 2020 (it was Prime Consulting), was fined about 510,000 PLN. zloty. Zbigniew Lemański, who, according to the Antitrust Office, promoted the FutureNet and FutureAdPro systems, was fined more than PLN 90,000. zloty. The third businessman to be fined by the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection is Bartłomiej Żukiewicz, who operates a (suspended) company under the name Bartłomiej Żukiewicz Investment. A fine of approximately 140,000 PLN was imposed on him. zloty.

As we read in the official statement, in addition to paying a fine, influencers will also have to publish statements about the practices they have done.

In addition to financial penalties, entrepreneurs must publish statements about questionable practices and decisions of the head of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection on their websites and social media profiles: YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn. In total, the head of UOKiK has already issued four decisions against the so-called speculators of hierarchical systems. The financial fines imposed on them totaled more than 1 million PLN, according to a UOKiK announcement.

Andrzej Duda, Agata DudaAndrzej Duda, in a bubbly mood, wishes on Twitter. Just there I hit this picture

Earlier, UOKiK fined Damian Żukiewicz, who works under the pseudonym InvestProvider, for promoting Youtuber Pyramids.

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