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Huge penalty kick for Leszek Czarnecki. KNF explains it

Huge penalty kick for Leszek Czarnecki.  KNF explains it

In May, Getin Noble Bank reported bankruptcy risks. Then representatives of the bank argued that the situation is under control. The Polish Financial Supervisory Authority expected that the missing billions of zlotys will be added up by the millionaire Leszek Kzyrnicki, who owns – directly and through subsidiaries – the majority of the bank’s capital.

After a few months, the authority lost its patience and made its decision A fine of 20 million PLN was imposed on Leszek Czernici.

The negative attitude of Leszek Czarnecki, in the opinion of the commission, is extremely reprehensible and can no longer be tolerated – explains the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Despite the deterioration of the capital position of the bank and the fact that the capital ratios remained below the minimum regulatory levels for several months, until the date of the decision, that is, September 28, 2022, Leszek Chernke did not take steps to improve the financial and capital position of Getin Noble Bank SA – this is his decision to punish KNF.

The commitment of the investor Leszyk Cherniki is obliged to provide the bank with real capital support In the amount necessary to restore stability and capital adequacy to Getin Noble Bank SA. This can be done through recapitalization by existing shareholders or finding an outside investor. This was not the case – Well convince the KNF.

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Getin Noble Bank results

KNF reports it Getin Noble Bank SA’s net loss for the year 2021 is PLN 1,058,926,000. Although the bank could boast of nearly 19 million PLN profit in the first quarter of 2022, it was worrying Exceeding Capital Limits. It was the decrease in the capital ratios below the minimum set by the financial control that resulted in, among other things, the automatic registration by the bank of the occurrence of the so-called Buildings at risk of bankruptcy.

The KNF also presented a recovery plan for the period 2022-2027, which, according to representatives of the bank, includes a package of comprehensive measures aimed at rebuilding the bank’s capital ratios.

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