September 22, 2021

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Human remains at the base of a US military plane in Afghanistan

Human remains at the base of a US military plane in Afghanistan

There was chaos at Kabul International Airport. Hundreds of people clung to taxi maneuvers and tried at every cost to escape the Taliban. The first information was about the deaths of five people. Three of them had to catch an American plane take off and fall on the roofs of nearby houses.

Human remains at the base of a US military plane in Afghanistan

The Politico website, citing its sources, said a few hours later, another body was found in the vicinity of the Boeing C-17. This information was first published by the Washington Post. During a study by U.S. officials who wanted to find out why the wheels of the plane did not rise after takeoff, human remains have already been found in another country. The transport ship was stopped for a while.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby described the circumstances of the plane’s attack, saying the Department of Defense had temporarily shut down military and civilian aircraft in an attempt to destroy the belt of distrusting civilians. Kirby could not confirm that an investigation into the plane’s take-off deaths was ongoing.


More than 600 people have escaped from Kabul aboard a Boeing C-17

The Pentagon has sent about 5,000 to date. Additional soldiers, their task is to secure the airport in Kabul. The goal is to help thousands of U.S. citizens and embassy staff leave Afghanistan. The portal “Defense One” found that the Boeing flight, which departs on Sunday, August 15, can accommodate about 640 people, while 134 passengers were admitted.

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