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Hundreds of cases of sexual abuse among Baptists

Hundreds of cases of sexual abuse among Baptists

Guidepost Solutions, an independent company, says senior SBC executives have been controlling and covering up sexual abuse reports for years. The 300-page report lists several hundred fraudsters who have been active at SBC for the past two decades. According to the report, the executive committee kept their list without taking action against the perpetrators.

Dramatic results of the report

SBC President Ed Lytton said he was “deeply saddened” by the results of the seven-month investigation. He called on his Baptist church to change the culture and introduce reforms. The authors of the report recommend the creation of an independent commission at the SBC to immediately implement fraud cases.

At last year’s SBC meeting, thousands of delegates gathered and demanded that the executive committee stop investigating their own violations. Russell Moore, the former SPC communications director, accused the board of executives of obstructing fraud investigations. The results of the investigation revealed a reality, Moore said after reading the report that it was “far more evil and systemic than I could have imagined”. This is not a crisis, but an “apocalypse,” he said.

At the SBC’s annual meeting in Anaheim, California in mid – June, President Ed Lytton announced that he would not run for president again.

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