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Hungary: The Viktor Orban Scandal. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine responds

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, while watching a friendly match between Hungary and Greece in Budapest, wore scarves depicting a map of the Kingdom of Hungary. It included neighboring countries, including Ukraine. In response, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry summoned the Hungarian ambassador and demanded an apology. The Prime Minister of Hungary commented on the issue via social media. “Football is not politics,” he wrote.

Sunday evening Urban in Budapest Watch the Companions Game Hungary and Greece. In the recordings and photos that appeared on the net, this was noted Urban wore scarves depicting a map of the Kingdom of Hungary, with the territories that belonged to Hungary until the end of the First World War. The language of today’s land Ukraine, Serbia, Austria, Slovakia, Romania and Croatia.

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Allen Mituawho is a member of the Romanian European Parliament, via Twitter, said so Orban must be punished for such behaviour.

Another irresponsible act by Viktor Orban, who appeared today with a scarf with a map of Greater Hungary on it. It is a revisionist gesture He puts Orban next to Putin, who also dreams of changing borders. EU leaders must impose it Penalties and his impeachment in the European Council.”

The Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacts to Orban’s scarf

In response to Sunday’s event Ukrainian Foreign Ministry in Kyiv, the Hungarian ambassador was summonedby a ministry spokesperson Oleg Nikolenko.

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Reproduction on Hungary The idea of ​​revisionism Not conducive to the development of Ukrainian-Hungarian relations It is not in line with the principles of European politics. The Hungarian ambassador will be invited to the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to which attention will be drawn Viktor Orban’s inadmissibility. we wait An official apology from the Hungarian side and rejection of claims regarding Ukraine’s territorial integrity” – he wrote.

Orban commented on the situation

Prime Minister of Hungary On Tuesday, he spoke about the situation via Facebook.

Football is not politics. Let’s not look for something that doesn’t exist. The Hungarian national team represents all Hungarians, wherever they are.


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