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Hurricane in the Czech Republic. Half the village was razed to the ground.

Czechy nawiedziły wieczorem burze i ulewne deszcze. Szczególnie ucierpiało południe Moraw – tam przeszło tornado. Strażacy informują, że zgłoszeń mają tak wiele, że nie nadążają na nie odpowiadać – ogłosili trzeci stopień zagrożenia dla regionu Brzecławskiego i Hodońskiego. Ostatnie doniesienia mówią o 100-150 rannych.

The Czech Republic was hit by storms and heavy rain in the evening. Particularly severely affected southern Moravia – there was a hurricane. The firefighters reported that they had so many reports that they could not keep up – they declared the third level of threat to the Břeclav and Hodoński areas. Recent reports indicate 100-150 infections.

A tornado swept southern Moravia in the afternoon. The third degree of danger has been declared, which means that there is a significant risk to health or life.

Hundreds of homes were damagedAccording to the services, a rescue operation is underway, as there may be people in the collapsed buildings. According to recent reports, 100-150 people were injured.

The deputy mayor of Hruška in the Břeclav district Marek Babis describes it Half of the village was razed to the ground. “There are only walls without ceilings and without windows. The church has no roof, no tower, and no place for people to hide. The village from the church down is practically non-existent. The school has no facade or roof. Cutting old linden and spruce trees, it’s madness ”- Babesza quotes from Czech TV.

Interior Minister Jan Hamacek has confirmed that all units of the Integrated Rescue System, including rescue units, will be sent to the hardest-hit Hodonin district.

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“The situation in the Hodonin district is serious, we are sending four USAR emergency units to the site,” the Czech Republic Fire and Rescue Service reported on Twitter.

Broken roofs, broken trees. Violent storms sweep Poland

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