May 12, 2021

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Hurry! The recording is forced to complete operations and leaves the air in a hurry

After pointing out irregularities in Angola’s federal press activities, the registrar will have to go offline in the country (Photo: Disclosure)

The broadcaster had to set a date to leave the schedule stage and confirm the situation in a note

This Monday, 19, the Registration De Angola has released an official statement to the public announcing the end of its operations on television. The decision would have come from the country’s federal government, which has pointed to irregularities in press operations.

“We are pleased with the report of the Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technology and Social Communication – MINTTICS National Directorate for Information and Communication. Under no circumstances was the immediate suspension determined, without a pre-trial hearing, ”the news release said.

As a result, local registrations are expected to leave the programming stage on the 21st. ”, Highlighting another part from the note.

In addition to its headquarters in Sao Paulo, the record has branches in many countries. Among them, in Angola (Photo: Revelation)

“We have already addressed our communication and reaffirm our commitment to our staff, and we are fully committed to them and to the process that has been built on the basis of more than a decade of effort and sacrifice,” he added.

Apparently, local executives will go to court and try to start work normally. If this does not happen, countless employees will have to be laid off.

“We reaffirm our commitment to our staff and we are fully committed to them and to the operation that has been structured on the basis of more than a decade of effort and sacrifice,” the report concluded.

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