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Hyenas announced. It is a mysterious FPS game from Creative Assembly

Hyenas announced.  It is a mysterious FPS game from Creative Assembly
June 22 2022, 19:25

Creative Assembly finally showed the world its new project. Hyenas is an online first-person shooter in which players will be able to expel rich people on Mars.

Creative Assembly finally officially announced hyenas – A new project we’ve been hearing about for a long time (recently remind about yesterday). The developer released the first trailer for the game; You can view the material below.

  1. Hyenas official website

Space Hyenas vs. Rich People from Mars

The title will take us to the world of the future – or rather what’s left of it. The Earth was destroyed a long time agoThe remnants of humanity live in a cosmic slum called Scar… Unless they were among the lucky ones who, thanks to their fortunes, were able to live on Mars. They don’t need – like everyone else – to fight to survive.

Instead, billionaires spend their time gratifying their whims. For example, collect valuable artifacts from pop culture from Earth, which are sold by a giant called Hands.

There is only one small problem – Title hyenas, a group of individuals who set themselves a goal of making life difficult on Mars. The group constantly steals the kidnappers, collecting valuable loot, such as a Rubik’s cube or gnomes sonica.

Payday minus gravity

hyenas It is an online first-person shooter focused on a multiplayer game, with heroes with different abilities. Teams – or flocks – will storm the kidnappers, overcoming clone security guards and other obstacles to gain access to the vault of popular culture artifacts ahead of their rivals. You will also have to escape safely after looting.

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There will be many “hyenas” to choose fromWith different characters and gameplay. More heroes will appear over time. In other words, the creative association wants to develop hyenas For a long time.

What should stand out hyenas Against the background of many similar products (z PayDay Series In the foreground), there are weightless areas where zero gravity will allow players to fly around locations. The whole thing is also supposed to be pretty brutal, at least judging by the description steam. The first trailer is unlikely to show gory violence.

hyenas It goes to PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Release date set for 2023.

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