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“I couldn’t have done otherwise.” Smarzek explains why he won’t play in the frame

"I couldn't have done otherwise."  Smarzek explains why he won't play in the frame

The first wave of criticism fell on her for failing to leave the Kaliningrad locomotive immediately after the outbreak of war in Ukraine. It intensified when it became known that the club and its fans had supported the invasion. Malwina Summerzak She left the team soon after, but complaints were made for not publicly condemning Russia. It was the highlight of the unforgettable fan banner ŁKS COMMERCICON LOODGE During the Tauron Liga semi-finals. A banner reading “smarZek BACK TO russia” made the player who joined developers Bella Dolina Rzeszów to tears at the end of March. She remains silent on the subject, but – as she declares – it will not last forever.

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Who will become the Polish volleyball champion?

This is not the time to comment on this topic yet. We are now fighting in the league final. There will be time for this in the off-season, take it simple – she confirms.

Not everyone intends to wait patiently and the under-26 volleyball player is still the target of criticism and verbal attacks, which mainly appear on the Internet. I’m trying so hard to isolate myself from her now, but you know something’s up to me. When I was in Lodz, it was impossible to cut myself … – he admits, pointing to the aforementioned sign.

“Bad, disgusting” sign. Summersek was crying and the gang was thinking about punishment

25 conspiracy theories emerged.

Summersek’s votes also rose, Wednesday, due to her absence from the state representatives appointed in the final formation for this year. The League of Nations. The striker made this decision for health reasons.

– I’d like to put out the fire and guess there’s a big scandal here. 25 conspiracy theories have emerged. Nothing serious happens. I would like to be healthy on the team one hundred percent. Well, maybe it is not possible to do a hundred, because something is always wrong, but continuous play in the team-team-team-club sequence, as it has been for several years in my case, does its job. Especially after this season in Russia, which has been very difficult for me physically and I just know I won’t be able to do it in the long run. HR season is long, so now I want to recover 100% to be ready. If the coach Stefano Lavarini They’ll see me in the World Cup squad and I’ll feel ready, that’s great. If not, then no and that’s it – it sums up.

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in color Developresu She played in four matches, including only one full-time game. I do not want to give details of my health problems. When will you be ready to play?

– I need sometime. The rehabilitation process itself will take some time, and there will also be physical preparations, which I will do practically from scratch. But I will be 100% ready for the World Cup. He asserts that it is up to the coach to decide whether he will see me in the team or not.

An experienced rider is well aware that passing the League of Nations – the main test before the World Championships – will drop her chances of taking part in this year’s event. – Personally, it is a very risky decision and it was difficult for me to make, but I could not do otherwise – he assures.

Developres with no margin for error

The developers in the Tauron Liga final, as the competition continues to three wins, lose to Police Grupa Azoty Chemika 0:2. On Thursday evening, the Rzeszów players lost 1:3 in their lounge, although they beat their opponents in the first set to 15. But then, unexpectedly, a real deficit hit them. Smarzek saw almost the entire match from square to the bench.

– What happened after that first set? This is a very difficult question and I think everyone on our team will be looking for answers. In my opinion it was a much worse match on both sides than the previous match in Police. However, you have to admit that they played much more stable in this game than us. We’ve done a lot of great things, but we’ve also made a lot of little mistakes. We made the situation very complicated – the attacker admitted.

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Police chemistThe 18-year-old is the best on the pitch. Antiga’s naughty face in the second match of the Polish championship final

At the end of the first final match, the chemist lost Marlina Kowaloska, who severed the ligaments of her right knee. Since then, Brazilian Naiane has been in charge of leading the defending champions instead of the Polish representative de Almeida.

– She showed she’s not a quarterback out of nowhere. You played a really good match. I haven’t watched all the matches Torun from the league This season, but I know that Naiane previously played a lot less than ‘Marley’ and it was a big trick for her to now get into the most important position and top Game. You did it right. The girls won, so their applause. At 100 percent, Chemik’s game level hasn’t gone down. It has shown that it can replace the first quarterback – Smarzek rates.

Not having a junior player in this position at a crucial moment of the season is a huge loss for the team. The Rzeszów striker notes that the evolution of the situation for her and her friends from the club has made preparations for the second edition of the finals somehow difficult.

– We did not approach this match with the attitude of “there will be no Marlina, so it will be easier.” of course no. It was more difficult in some ways, since we hadn’t known Nian much before. Of course, we had a video, but there was very little material. So the Brazilian can surprise us with her style of play. Sometimes an injury like this to a key player changes the situation a bit. But there is nothing to look at. We’re going to the police to fight for a three-game winning streak in this final – he declares.

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The Developres are against the wall and there is no room for error if they want to keep the chance of taking the Alchemist title away. The third meeting will be held on Sunday.

– It couldn’t be more difficult. in another meaning. Perhaps, if there is 0: 2 in groups in the dash and it will be necessary to get out of this state. Me, etc., I think we’re going there to win. No one is going to break down now, because that’s not what this is about. at volleyball Various situations have been reversed, not like that, as long as this ending lasts, anything is possible – he argues volleyball player Polish national team.

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