July 28, 2021

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I couldn't say that to the Polish national team

I couldn’t say that to the Polish national team

Jakob Moder was unable to play in the last match of the group stage against Sweden. The Brighton midfielder suffered a knee injury in the match against Spain. Although the coaching staff initially hoped the player would make it to the match with Sweden, they eventually missed him غاب the frame Match game.

– In the end, the prognosis is not as bad as it could be, the ligament is a little tight, from what I talked to the doctor, it could have been worse – Moder said in an interview with TVP Sport before the start of the latest Euro 2020 meeting for the Poles.

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Spokesperson Jakub Kwiatkowski revealed more details PZPNwho was a guest on saturday sports channel. We knew from the start that he would not play against Sweden. He almost torn his knee ligaments against Spain. But I couldn’t say he wouldn’t play. I had to say it was as I said. We said with Kuba Moder that the decision would be at the last minute to create some confusion for our competitors – Kwiatkowski admitted.

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– It was the same with Arkiem MilikiemAlthough he doesn’t want the message to get out there that he has a knee problem. We wanted to protect the player. I didn’t tell the truth because I couldn’t. In some cases, we say what we think is best is in the best interests of the entire team – added a PZPN spokesperson.

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Express your football feelings on a huge screen in Warsaw

euro It’s over for Poland, but not for the Polish fans. Follow MuralWrite who you support, rate matches and predict favorites until the final, we will select the best from the logos sent every day and put them on the largest LED screen in Warsaw at Unii Lubelskiej Square and on the website Mural. Attention! We update the screen daily and can’t wait to see what he comes up with.