July 27, 2021

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I decided to take a risk.  Waiting for transfers is the only way

I decided to take a risk. Waiting for transfers is the only way

Radosław Nawrot: Is it your influence, coach? Damien Codzior, aren’t transfers enough yet?

Maciej Skorua: You know, it depends on how we look at it.

Even Leach is postponing transfers.

– This is because in some cases of transportation the situation is complicated. It’s true that we don’t have all the players we want at the start of the league, but there are specific reasons for that. We want players of the best quality and we are talking about players for whom the Polish Premier League is not always the first choice. This complicates the matter.

Like any coach, I would like to have a full squad at the start of preparations, but I work in this profession and I know that rarely happens. We have tracked the players you have to wait for, but if they come to us, they will give us a certain quality.

You say they will go to Lech as a matter of certainty or as a guess.

– You know that as long as there is no signature on the documents, you cannot speak of an axiom, and therefore I do not have to say it.

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It’s obvious, but we’re talking about it in the context of fans being worried that some players are avoiding it now, and there’s no certainty that the best will come. And that Lech will remain in its current form.

– Let me tell you something – if we wanted to please the fans about it, we would have made these transfers a month ago, but “on the pretext” and taking players will not necessarily give us a new advantage. Everyone will be delighted, because in terms of the number of transfers, everything will be fine, something will happen, there will be a step in the interest. And later on, I was wondering if these guys have the right quality and are able to give us something. On the other hand, for it to stay the same, my answer is yes – that would be very unwise on our part. Here we come to the main topic. We are strengthening this team and a lot of people at the club are working on that. I can’t imagine that it will end like this and that the current squad will be the last team of the season. Please bear in mind what I said that we not only want to add players to the team, but also improve the quality of the team – this is critical.

Let me give you the example of Finnish footballer Jiri Oronen, who participated in the European Championship 2020. He is one of the players we were interested in who would improve the quality of the team, but Lech was not the first choice for him. So we waited because the European Championships were up and the player wanted to know himself after them. He got our offer, consider it, but there was a suggestion from my better league دوري [Stade Brest w lidze francuskiej – przyp. red.] and chose it.

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Was it worth the wait? In our opinion – yes. If we wanted regular players, we would already have a full squad. We have to wait for the highly skilled players, and that comes with some risks. Hopefully this risk pays off and Lech has already argued about it. Let me give you the example of Lubomir Šatka, for whom Lech also waited a little, but it was worth it.

Do you want to say, for example, that Damien Kodzior is an ordinary player, and that is why he did not go to Lech?

– I don’t want to say that, Damien is a good player and he was on our list. I seriously considered nominating him and there were also the first talks to get him. At the same time, other alternative solutions began to appear. Players with different peculiarities, with a different profile – those who can give us other options in the offensive game. So I decided it was worth waiting and trying to get these guys.

We get to the heart of the matter, which is your personal influence on Lech’s current diversion policy and decisions made. How do I check it?

I knew that our first transfer period with Lech would be difficult. After all, I came in April, when the club’s polling team was already targeting players that Dariush Churaw might have wanted. I see it a little differently, I appreciate the different features more, and in fact it wasn’t always the same as the previous coach’s choices.

Have you checked in as a new coach?

– Yeah. Whoever comes, will happen. This is what happens when the coach is changed.

I ask this because Lech has a poor social reception. Many fans think they make bad transfers, bring in cheap and mediocre players, and don’t know each other. And you are about to change that.

– It’s hard for me to get attached to because I don’t have much time to follow the comments and what’s going on around them. We are in a very hot period. On the other hand, everyone participates in Lech’s qualitative change, not just me. We do not want to complement the existing team, but to strengthen it, change it – this is our guiding principle.

So far, Lech has often brought in players like Karlo Muhar or Djordje Crnomarković and now perhaps people’s fears relate to him that he will remain.. Kdzior, Uronen and others will not come, but in return there will be no better players, but again there will be average players, cheaper, free, easier.

I find it difficult to respond to these concerns, because we are in the middle of the transfer window. Strengthening the team is a process that is difficult to judge. Our goal is clear: to select better quality players.

Coming back to the team from the championship season, I also have experience with what happened next, six years ago, in terms of team building. We were not able to recover the right person at that time after the death of Zaur Sadaev, and I think this is the beginning of our problems at that time.

In 2015, she died very quickly and did not have the opportunity to learn about the hell that appeared in Poznan after the failure of Lech. Coach Shurao has been stuck with him for months.

– There were also difficult moments. I remember what happened after the defeat to Blue Starguard and when the team fell to the table. I know the mood of the crowd is fast here.

These people wait six years for any success.

– I know what the expectations are. I know our job is to put Lech on the right track, to bring joy, not worry. I don’t expect an easy season, but I told the players during training camp that this season with Lech is a challenge in my life and I would like everyone to approach it that way. Observing the preparatory period, I saw hard work and conscientiousness and this builds my optimism.

Every coach says so.

– I know, but I have the right to say that I am satisfied with this preparatory period. The players have worked with passion, and I feel they really want to achieve something special. I very much hope that our team spirit is at a high enough level in difficult moments.

As long as last season’s leaders play in the cups, it will probably be easier to score and gain an advantage in the league. So wouldn’t Lee limit his chances at the start of the season?

– I wouldn’t describe it that way. Our goal is to build a strong team for the whole season and then for the whole period of the European Cups, which I strongly believe in.

Let’s talk specifically. Who will replace Uronen when this plan collapses?

– Here, in parallel with the conversations with the Finnish representative, we were able to convince Barry Douglas to return to Poznan, whom I know well and I think will give us a lot of quality on the left side of the defence. There are also more players in the scout list and we are focusing on them.

Are they much weaker?

– To be on this list, you have to submit the appropriate level.

And for Damien Codzior, how long will we have to wait?

– In early August the case will be settled.

Was Carlos Mane one of those players I thought of instead of Damien Codzior?

– Another question please.

How many wings do you need to be the Lech you want?

“In this transfer period, our goal is to have a technically good winger with a new quality who plays a singles match, creates an advantage and is a player whose fans want to come to the field. This should reach us in this window. number of wings? One class said.

Will another left-back come?

– Yes, this is our priority after the wingman.

who else?

– Maybe another offensive player. more global. I appreciate players who can play in multiple positions.

You didn’t mention the goalkeeper, are you satisfied with that?

– I don’t remember the guard. The competition in this position is very fierce. We have Maciej Palczewski on our crew – a new goalkeeper coach who puts a lot of pressure on the boys.

Who will be number one in the goal? Mickey van der Hart or Philip Bednarek?

– The guards already know. Please be patient, everything about the match against Radomiak will be explained.

How did you really want to get more players from the 2015 squad than just Barry Douglas?

Right, I wanted it. And there were talks with a few players from that team, some of whom were in the process of changing clubs. This is why we searched for possibilities. It turns out that they do not have any future contacts with Lech.

Aragory? Loverencsics? Kaminsky?

– I don’t want to talk about names. We just probed a little.

How do you see the role of Pedro Thebes in the band? Your first movements were perceived as attempts to form a relationship with him.

– I would seem to cooperate with each player with Pedro. He and Danny Ramirez were the first players I had one-on-one conversations with. Then we set the rules and expectations. I do well with him, and I see in him a determination to improve on those elements I indicated to him. With so much competition in midfield, I can say he won this competition.

Radosław Murawski appears to be a charismatic man.

Yes, Radek gathered a whole bunch of Poles around him in no time. Now they are talking, smiling, relations are strengthening. I’m happy with that, thanks in large part to him. Artur Subic came to strengthen it even more. We have a strong Polish group in the team.

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what do you want from him? Don’t need Aron Johannsson anymore?

– Need. Let’s take the same statistic: It shows that Michael Isaac may miss several meetings due to injuries. The situation is similar to what happened with Aaron. In this case, we need a third striker, since we have loaned Filip Simcak. We did that because we want him to play and grow regularly.

Are you going to try to change the way you play Lech? His tactical settings?

– Yeah. I don’t want us to be tied to a certain tactic and just play one way. I will definitely strive for diversity in this matter. It can not be easy to decipher the Lech of our opponents, and at the same time we want to play fun ball and, above all, win and win titles.