September 22, 2021

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I don't know if it makes sense to play the seventh farewell match for the Polish national team

I don’t know if it makes sense to play the seventh farewell match for the Polish national team

Wisła Kraków players defeated their fans on Sunday afternoon In the Polish classic Ekstraklasa Polish champions – Legia Warsaw 1-0. Score the winning goal Felicio Brown ForbesWho previously hit the crossbar, then the post.

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He only watched the whole match from the bench Jacob Blaszczykowski. He took a long time to warm up in the second half, but in the end he did not appear on the field. This seasoned midfielder was in the Liga + Extra studio after the match. A reporter asked him if he’d like a farewell match Polish national team.

– As far as I know, with the previous limiter, all my matches were goodbyes, because I got them for merit. I don’t know if it makes sense to play the seventh farewell match – answered Jakub Błaszczykowski.

In this statement, Błaszczykowski referred to the fact that for many years fans and experts have criticized him for playing in the Polish national team due to merit. He was the former coach of the team Jerzy BrzochekWho is Baszczykowski’s uncle.

The guest of the “League + Extra” was also Cesare Kuleza, the new president of the Polish Football Association. He did not rule out that Błaszczykowski . will bid farewell Fate ±.

Cuba is still a player in Wissoa. I will make a phone call to him and ask him what he thinks about it – Kulesza admitted.

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Błaszczykowski was the captain of the Polish national team, playing 108 matches and scoring 21 goals. In June of this year, he was even awarded the Commander’s Order of the Order of Bologna Restituta.

A few days ago, another former Polish actor, Kamil Kosowski, spoke about the fact that Łukasz Fabiański and Błaszczykowski deserved a farewell match. – It is useless to list the merits of Łukasz. Fabianski is one of the best Polish goalkeepers in history and has become a permanent part of our football history. For this reason, he deserves to say goodbye in a T-shirt with an eagle on his chest. Koba Błaszczykowski also deserved such a match. I remember a beautiful farewell to Artur Boruc, or the last game for Łukasz Piszczek – said Kosowski.

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