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I feel sorry for the friend, in a very human way

I feel sorry for the friend, in a very human way

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Unlike the other spouses, Julia and Tomek did not go well from the start. It didn’t explode between them, but they were both curious about each other and wanted to get to know each other. This was the case until the man commented on his wife’s weight in a crude way. Julia after this situation She packed her things and left her husband in my father’s apartmentAnd fell on Tomek A torrent of negative comments. participant “Wedding at first sight” However, she decided to give her husband a second chance and invited him to Ciechanów. The course of the conversation between the spouses made the fans of the show look at this relationship differently.

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These “wedding at first sight” couples couldn’t make it out

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“Wedding at first sight”. Viewers criticize Julia

Tom’s visit to Ciechanów did not last long. Although the participants had to clarify a few things, they argued almost immediately. Julia asked her husband how to imagine the remaining two weeks until the end of the experiment, but Thomas could not give a definite answer. The participant scolded him that he had already made a decision to divorce, accused him of lying and admitted that she did not imagine marriage after this announcement. The whole conversation took place in a very nervous atmosphere, Tomek had trouble expressing how he felt, and in the end, the participants of the show ended their relationship already at this point.

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Duda, Beata Tadla, Michel WyanievskyGreat love, then chaos and separation. These couples did not separate by agreement

The sharp exchange of views between the spouses impressed viewers who belong to the “Wedding at First Sight” group on Facebook. Although many of them still believed that Julka made the right decision, more and more people believed that she had a negative attitude towards Tomasz and did not give him the second chance he deserved.

I was also one of the people who thought Julia was offended and Tom was a beetroot. Now my honor is restored. She could give him another chance, especially since he only had two weeks left. On the day of the decision, she can tell him what happened yesterday. Besides, you’ll probably be convinced by it.

Both are not ready for a relationship. She expects a guy to charm her on a good morning and he won’t have to do or try anything, he is unfamiliar with relationships and treats his partner as a friend and doesn’t think about what to say. In addition, instead of trying, she complained to her father asking for support – netizens write.

Some fans of the show even had a theory that Julia from the beginning was looking for a reason to end her relationship with Tomek, which she did not like, and treated the comments about her appearance as an excuse.

Now everyone has noticed that Golka is conflicted and she put a cross on Tomek a long time ago. Sticking to the words, she chases the boy into the corner and hits on a thick tube. He is not very social in my opinion, does not know what to say and what not to say. I feel sorry for the friend, in a very human way.

Julia did everything to confuse Tom in this situation. He wanted to keep trying, but I guess she didn’t like it now and now has a good chance of ending it – we read in the comments.

The case has been brought to the fore of the knife and so far there are no indications that either spouse intended to reach out. This couple will likely need another visit to the experts, but even that may not help. The final decisions of the participants will be announced in the fifteenth episode of “The Wedding at First Sight”. the television It will hit in mid-December.

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