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“I hate this place.” This is how American soldiers live in Poland – o2

"I hate this place."  This is how American soldiers live in Poland - o2

At the end of March, US President Joe Biden visited Poland. During his official speech, he announced an increase in US military presence in Europe. He also ate pizza with American soldiers stationed in the province. Subcarpathian.

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the US Army’s 5th Army has been announced as a permanent headquarters. Additional soldiers from across the Atlantic immediately arrived in Poland. However, it seems that not all Americans are happy that they were sent to our country.

This is how American soldiers live in Poland. “I hate this place”

On Friday, August 12, social media circulated a video recorded by an American soldier. It is noteworthy that the film was shot much earlier and only now it has been widely promoted on the Internet. In the video, Raoul Dupree Gibson gives background on the group’s position in Poland.

The first shot shows the tent where the soldiers live. The soldier then walks out to show the nearby buildings. Gibson points out the shower tent, laundry room and dining tent.

I Hate This Place – ultimately emphasizes the US military.

A soldier complains of being in Poland. “These are standard terms”

The video went viral on social media. The comments assert that the soldier was unfairly complaining about the conditions under which he was stationed. Internet users pointed out that the tent shot shows a temperature bubble, meaning the tent may be air-conditioned.

Conditions are stable and good. This is what every major platform in the backfield looks like, where players end up for a certain period of time – Clark emphasized in an article published on the website

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