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I just bought the Chinese Steam platform and I’m amazed

I just bought the Chinese Steam platform and I'm amazed
September 23, 2022, 15:33

For many, playing games on the go has meant only one thing lately – using Steam Deck. But is this the only reasonable option to get acquainted with PC games without access to suitable hardware? I found it no.

Steam Deck has changed the concept of “claw play”. Computers that are actually Switch portable consoles aren’t new, they’re just The machine created by Valve made the right buzz in the market. Now, laptops are getting more and more popular, and Steam Deck is their unofficial ambassador. And what if you don’t want to buy a deck, can’t, or wait just doesn’t suit you?

I booked my “jeep” from Valve late, in October 2021. It was known I’d be waiting, but I was annoyed that there wasn’t even more specific information on the supposed end date of the purchase. life changes It made it more comfortable for me to play lying on the couch without sitting at the computer or the TV. So when China’s Ayaneo announced a baby named Ayaneo AIR and guaranteed summer shipping, I cared. I wanted to get the equipment as quickly as possible.

Who sells?

Ayaneo is an experienced teamWhen it comes to laptops, because Its first device appeared on the market in the spring of 2021, before Valve revealed its success. The biggest problem was the price Those who bought blind equipment during a crowdfunding campaign were offered $799 and then the price went up to about $1,000. The basic and professional versions of this first trimmer can still be purchased for at least 4500 PLN. expensive! When a little later Valve promised to give players more powerful gear for a much smaller amount, the cannibals went crazy. Well, at least part of it. No wonder the market has moved and today there are many devices of this type to choose from, although you still have to wait for most of them.

I Bought Chinese Steam and I'm Amazed - Illustration #1

What to sell?

Let’s move on to AIR. The company decided to crowdfund again, although the devices are already in several versions, so you did not have to pay for prototype development and count on success. It was enough to choose your copy and wait. I chose the basic variant for $569 (Pre-order price – $629 offer should appear in official store soon). This amount is much closer than you would have to pay for Steam Deck. The device came to me at the beginning of September; Inside is an AMD Ryzen 5 5560U with Radeon Vega 6, 16 GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD, and on the outside you can see great build quality and a beautiful 5.5-inch OLED display. Ayaneo AIR is the Switch Lite Pro – a little bigger, heavier and a lot more powerful. But is it worth about 3100 PLN (device, transfer, tax, cover are sent separately with a chip on the screen)?

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While each of these devices is an all-in-one PC—you can put it in the dock and connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse—their primary purpose is to enable convenient, portable gaming. This is the only way I use my new game and I must admit it gives me a lot of fun.

It is true that the screen is small (so that navigating the system can be tedious), but thanks to the use of OLED technology, the deep blacks and vivid colors attract more visual splendor from games, even despite using lower graphics quality settings, which, moreover, At 5.5 inches is no problem.

I bought the Chinese Steam platform and I'm amazed - Illustration #2


  1. CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 5560U (6 cores / 12 threads) max. 4 GHz
  2. GPU: AMD Radeon RX Vega 6
  3. RAM: 16GB LPDDR4x-4266
  4. SSD: 256 GB M.2
  5. Battery: 28 Wh
  6. System: Windows 11
  7. Weight: 410g
  8. Screen: OLED Full HD 5.5 inch
  9. Controller with Hall sensors (magnetic instead of mechanical)

and what?

After two weeks of using the AIR, the new machine became my main gaming gear. So far I’ve tested three matches, each of which has made me feel fun. stray This is an example of an “AAA Turkey”, a production from a small studio that looks like a million dollars. Gameplay is simple, comfortable and short, and AIR manages to render it at around 30fps in low quality 720p, with the CPU’s TDP set to 12W. And this impressive screen, after all, provided an exciting visual experience. Low is my new high!

Forza Horizon 4 It may be a few years old, but it still looks great and provides a lot of fun for arcade racing fans. My new brute jumped to around 45 fps in the built-in benchmark (720p, medium, 12w), but 30 off gives a better effect. can you play For the individual who, 25 years ago, on equipment too weak to boast, cut out a lot of production in “movie” mode (read: max 24fps), such a steady 30 and tiny OLED is a treat. Despite the fact that everything will work faster on a large computer.

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I bought the Chinese Steam platform and I'm amazed - Illustration #3

last match death door. A cute, challenging, incredibly addictive “turkey” that runs very smoothly at 720p with all effects (but no anti-aliasing) running at 9W, consuming more of your battery. Exactly, what about the battery? This is the biggest drawback of AIR, although it can be accepted with the correct gameplay. The base device has a battery that drains 90% of its capacity at 12W in about 70 minutes. So total exhaustion is likely to occur after about 75 minutes. At 9W, this time can be extended to about 90 minutes, and various tests on the network report that the absolute maximum that Ayaneo AIR offers in its basic version is 3 hours, provided that the processor has only 5W at its disposal, the screen is as dim as possible, and the Turn off Wi-Fi, etc.

Compared to the Switch Lite or even the Deck, this is a very poor result and can be frustrating. Unless you play like me – for a maximum of an hour in the evening, because you don’t have much time for that. Then you just have to remember to connect the device to the charger afterwards. Or opt for the more expensive Pro version, which gives you about 30% more uptime.

An old man who can play

I am very happy with my new gaming equipment. In fact, I replaced my Switch one hundred percent, because on a Nintendo console I basically played ports from PC. Yes, the air can be warm at the end of the game (but this is only a problem when someone is interested in touching the screen – the knobs are cool), The fan at full speed can not be ignored (but the purpose of headphones), and the combination of Win 11 and AyaSpace (an app that simulates a “console experience”) can be a bit of a hassle, but the fun of looking at relatively new games that run smoothly on such small devices with such a great screen turns out to be Huge. Technological progress is indisputable – A device that weighs several hundred grams and fits in a (wide) pants pocket has the same computing power as the entire Xbox One. Fabulous.

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And now a confession. If the email from Valve came faster, would I buy a surface instead of AIR? Without a doubt. On average, 50% higher performance, a 7-inch screen, a more powerful battery with a hefty weight and — apparently — some bulky equipment would probably reward me. But fate wanted me to pay a little more for a theoretically inferior device. And I do not regret it. My air is nice.

from the author

I’ve been playing for almost 30 years and only recently discovered the magic of mobile games (playing on a phone doesn’t matter). I plan to follow a lot of notable titles on my new devices, as well as check out some new “turkeys” like Rollerdrome. I am sure I will love it. And I encourage you to discover what this market has to offer apart from Deck – Ayaneo, GPD, OneXPlayer…a lot of them.

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