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I love Mass Effect, but the legendary version is still stretched and dusty on disc

I love Mass Effect, but the legendary version is still stretched and dusty on disc

The annual N7 celebration always brought new and interesting news about the most popular BioWare series – Mass Effect. Exactly on November 7, 2020, the Canadian team decided to confirm all previous reports by announcing Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. On that day, almost all fans of Commander Shepherd were overwhelmed with joy.

Is this really a good idea?

The smile on the audience’s face began to fade with each successive week, as discussions began about whether BioWare, in collaboration with EA, would prepare a high-quality remaster. After the generally great reception of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered, which only got boosted accuracy and an increase in maximum frame rate, the mood and legitimate concerns weren’t quite as high after N7 Day 2020 as the developers likely envisioned it.

This turn of events is not surprising – the first Mass Effect game is obsolete, because it relied on the back of its neck – at the time of the release of the Remaster – over a span of 13 years. Most of the mechanics, from the shooting system, through the Mako combat vehicle driving model, to frenetic weapons, are solutions that no longer have a place in today’s video games. I’m glad that BioWare also noticed this, which decided to “revamp” the beginning of the first Human Spectrum adventure by adding several game improvement features.

Thanks to them, I was very much looking forward to the big premiere of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Once the game appeared on my Origin account, I immediately started downloading it, and after installing all the files and creating a custom character (it’s worth noting that the character generator was also largely overhauled), I went back to check out the Prothean Beacon on Eden Prime. Again, maybe 6-7 times – at some point I got lost counting how many times I managed to take on the Reapers.

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Commander Shepherd is back in action

I loved the Mass Effect trilogy, and was fine with the fact that I’ve completed it from the ground up a few times already. Usually, after completing a particular game for the first time, I uninstall it from the disk and never go back to it – either because of lack of time or just because of desire, because listening to the same dialogues and, above all, watching identical screenshots, puts me very far away. The exception is the series already mentioned in the entry title and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which has held a large space in my heart.

Getting back to the heart of the matter, the first restorer game was great. At some point, I felt as if I was playing a game that I had never known before, because the interface that was more pleasing to the eye, the most understandable operating system and high-quality graphics made this possible and allowed me to forget about it. Other old jobs. Honestly, whenever I have a moment of spare time I first start the Middle East and visit Noveria, Feros or Citadel in search of new activities.

It didn’t take long to finish “One,” because I saw the closing credits 10 days after the premiere. The hour counter showed over 32 hours, so simple math says that in the BioWare world, I spent roughly 190/200 minutes each day. That’s a really “fat” number, considering I’m dealing with the triple discussed today for the sixth or seventh time.

The other “romance” with Mass Effect 2 began right after “one” was checked out. I passed the front, and as a shaggy four-legged friend walking in the park, I began recruiting people for a suicide mission with a smile on my face, while completing side quests and loyalty quests. As with the beginning of Commander Shepherd’s story, I didn’t feel like I’d played the game too many times. It was a new and unforgettable experience until some time…

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missing beam

In an unexpected moment, the spark of interest in Mass Effect Legendary Edition suddenly fizzled out and I still don’t know why. After collecting all crew members (except for Legion, which we have the opportunity to learn about only at the end of the game) and completing almost all loyalty missions, my desire to start with story additions that perfectly complement knowledge from the game world, as well as complete a suicide mission, has just evaporated.

I’m still looking for why this happened. The last time I released the Mass Effect remaster was in the first half of June and there’s no indication that anything will change at least until the end of the year. By now, I thought it might have been the premiere, after all, June of this year served us Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Sniper: Ghost Warrior Contracts 2, or even Chivalry 2. And these were productions I spent a lot of time on. However, looking back in July, the later market releases weren’t the reason I stopped playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The inaugural month of the annual cucumber season meant that the only title I was interested in was the original Chernobylite, which I was happy to finish in a couple of nights.

Could going through the same triple for the sixth or seventh time be too stressful to be flooded with material? The first uproar, caused mainly by the news that was implemented in First Mass Effect, passed faster than I could have imagined? I’d like to check out the BioWare range, because I hate having dusty products on my tablet, but right now I don’t see any reasons to encourage me to jump into the Commander Shepard’s shoes again.

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And what does it look like to you, new players and die-hard Mass Effect fans? Did you get to know the trilogy without any major hitches, or were there any complications?

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