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I see Buzi in this Soc. Our star was smiling. NASA showed the picture

I see Buzi in this Soc.  Our star was smiling.  NASA showed the picture

The Sun Dynamics Observatory (SDO), a scientific satellite that studies the dynamics of solar activity, captured an image of the “smiling” sun. NASA He posted it on social media on Thursday.

You can read more information from the space on the homepage

we’ve got! Solar eclipse near Warsaw in our photos

The sun is “smiling” at us? It’s just pareidolia

The US space agency explains that the observed black spots are present the sun It is the so-called coronal holes. These are the regions where the high-speed solar wind “escapes” into space cosmic. Solar wind can occur under the right conditions storms magnetic on the ground.

However, from the perspective of the SDO satellite, we see as if the sun was “smiling” at us. This is nothing but pareidolia – the phenomenon of searching for known forms where they do not actually exist. For example, one Internet user noted that the “smile” of our star resembles the foam sailor from the movie “Ghostbusters”.

A massive corona mass ejection filmed on August 31, 2012 - Image captionChina’s ambitious project. They are building another super telescope. The sun is in focus

The mission of the Solar Dynamics Observatory may continue until 2030

The Solar Dynamics Observatory began its mission in 2010. The satellite studies the dynamics of solar activity. The purpose of the mission is to understand the source and structure of the Sun’s magnetic field and to understand the processes of converting the energy of the star’s magnetic field into solar radiation, solar wind and energy particles in the space between the Sun and the Earth.

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This semi-autonomous spacecraft faces the Sun and allows for nearly continuous observation of our star. The satellite’s primary mission lasted for five years and then was extended. The Solar Dynamics Observatory is expected to be operational by 2030.

Watch the video
This is what the solar eclipse of June 10 looked like in acceleration

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