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I was born in a taxi. Now he has to pay to clean the car

I was born in a taxi.  Now he has to pay to clean the car

It was supposed to be a routine medical exam. Farah Kakanenden, 26, from High Wycombe In Buckinghamshire (UK), I ordered a taxi to go to the hospital. After a few minutes of driving Labor started suddenly.

After that, the taxi driver wanted to stop on the side of the road, but the expectant mother decided that she would get to the hospital on time. Although it was not a great distance, The child was able to be born at that time. As the 26-year-old recalls in an interview with “The Sun” – she didn’t even have time to fully feel the pain when it was over.

fast action So she ended up in a taxi. The woman wrapped her baby in a jacket and stunned the medical team when they stopped in front of the hospital. – The midwives were waiting for us because the taxi driver alerted the hospital that labor was in progress and that we were approaching the facility. When they saw me with the baby in my arms, they were shocked – 26-year-old tells service.

The story doesn’t end here, though. A few days after the happy birth, when the young mother was happy with the birth of her child, Receive an invoice from the taxi company. Expenses? 90 pounds. 30 pounds for an unpaid ride and 60 pounds for cleaning the car after delivery.

– I understand I made a mess, but I find it rude to charge such costs The woman complains. The taxi company requested comment from the site and did not respond to the dispute.

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