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Iceland. Paulo Sousa and Peter Zelensky at the pre-match conference

Iceland.  Paulo Sousa and Peter Zelensky at the pre-match conference

It was recently reported that Piotr Zieliński left the Polish national team’s pool to participate in the birth of his child. On May 29, his son Maximilian Zelensky was born.

Paulo Sousa suffers from many injury problems in the team. Monday will be “Doomsday” for Arcadios Milik. A striker’s torn meniscus will be tested in the full weight class.

Piotr Zieliński was the first to meet with journalists.

Peter Zielinsky on the season in Naples and its form:

It’s been a successful season in terms of stats. However, we did not achieve our goal as a team. The Euro is a fun event, important for us. I want to focus on doing my best in every match. Then I can give a lot to the team.

On criticism of him:

I had no problems with praise and criticism. Everyone has the right to express his opinion. I want to be as prepared as possible. I know what I can do. If we play as a team, it could be a good result.

About your position on the field:

– I have no problems playing where the coach puts me. I am a world class player and have played in many positions.

About the camp atmosphere and communication with the coach:

– We have very good conditions. The trainer, along with the staff and organizers, did their best. For the birth of a child, everyone would like to witness such a unique moment. My wife wanted me to be with her. I thank him for the permission to leave.

About his game:

– I was constantly working, and I was also more fortunate than before, with results. I’m glad this season is still going on. We are in a big event and I hope to improve my numbers.

On the approach of coaches in the club and the apparatus:

– There are many similarities. I talk a lot to Coach Souza who gives me some advice. It even says not to run too much and is unnecessary, which I agree with.

About his shots:

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– The coach keeps repeating that I have to hit with this left and right leg whenever I get the chance. I know with one little trick I’ll make room and I’ll definitely try to shoot to score.

a Summary Previous exercises:

– I’m very happy. The training sessions were intense. We are going in the right direction, we will be well prepared for the euro.

Later, coach of the Polish national team, Paulo Sousa, appeared at the conference.

Paulo Sousa on his training so far:

– So far he’s good in every aspect. We did everything we planned. The intensity was appropriate in the first week. We saw some irregularity in the match against Russia, but that’s part of the process. It’s not easy to change a team’s game because old habits come back. However, we understand a lot. In the second week, we reduced the size of the workpiece. However, it was also difficult in terms of condition. Tomorrow we want to keep the players in good shape and see what we have been training. We did not introduce a lot of new things. The organization was wonderful. I have to thank our union. We can see the interactions between players. There is focus on the field, but off the field, players are not like teammates, but rather like friends. We want this energy to affect the entire population. It was great to see the players see their parents. Their faces were different. We’ve worked well so far. However, we have a lot of injuries, we are talking about Milik and Repos. But the most important thing is that they stay with us and be with us during the tournament. Rybus has made significant progress, and is back in full training. Eric no. We’ve already lost all five. Arik, on the other hand, is one of the best snipers in Europe. Together with Lewandowski, he can create the best sniper duo on the Old Continent.

About the atmosphere during the training camp:

– In the team I am the leader. I offer some ideas with a consortium that has already chosen this place to work. When I saw them, I felt happy. Then we had to put the plan into action with the staff. Everyone is part of the process. The experiences of the players are of particular importance. The way they dealt with everything that was organized and how they interacted with others. This way you can be sure that all is well. Thanks to this, you can achieve focus and motivation without stress and pressure. Pressure is normal when competing. We are strong together.

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For Iceland:

– This sparring was already planned by the Federation. We see some similarities with our competitors in the Eurozone. They have a very tight handicap in defense, they make a deal. They are very strong. In 2016, they formed a big surprise in the European Championship. They are convinced of everything they do. Collectively and individually, they are powerful in organizing defense. They play very vertically, and handle the ball well on the counter-attack. Slovakia does it too, but in a different way because it has other players and key positions on the field. We’ll talk about that next week before the game against Slovakia, depending on what we see tomorrow. Much will depend on the condition of the players. We will choose a strategy later. The first part is something we’ve already done. Our game model. This is our base. Anything else is part of the strategy. We’ll basically be working on this next week.

O Heliku i Gliku:

– When my trial began in March, I had already spoken to Glick. We have to respect him for everything he did on the team. I told him I had to bring new players into the defense line to have substitutes and players with different characteristics. We need this. His experience is very important. I want him to play more aggressively and push the back line. This is new, so far the Polish defense has played low. Of course, in a way, Glick’s experience and skills make him one of our most important players.

About Zieliński:

– We’re talking to him and we want to give him some advice. We want to push it to be more effective. He has the skills to do this. He must have the strength to do so. He is technically a special fighter. Physically, we should demand more of it. He is not as strong in communication as the others, but he has to join the fieldwork with the rest of the team. This does not only apply to him. All football players understand.

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On the idea of ​​the match with Iceland and the team:

– As I said before, our game model is the foundation. We want to keep it. This will be our strength. We will change the strategy and players in every match. The base remains, and I want to see it. Without the ball, we have to play more and more aggressively. The transitional phase after losing the ball is important. It will be a defining moment in the match against Slovakia. Slovakia wins matches for two minutes. The first is the counterattack. We will have to manage the ball well and defend ourselves well.

About the question marks when placing positions in euros:

We always want to have the best players on the field at the moment in order to win matches. After the match against Iceland, we have to think about what we are going to do with Slovakia. However, we want the squad to be as close as possible to the squad we’ll see during the tournament. We have some doubts, but Milik’s absence or his game could change everything. He is a major player for us. If the situation with Iceland allows us to do that, we’d like to see a few things.

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