June 19, 2021

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Iceland.  The drone passed over the volcano and fell into the lava.  'Absolutely unreal' [WIDEO] |  world News

Iceland. The drone passed over the volcano and fell into the lava. ‘Absolutely unreal’ [WIDEO] | world News

Fagradalsfjall volcano is located about 40 kilometers southwest of the capital Iceland. It erupted in late March and, according to meteorologists, was the volcano’s first eruption in more than 800 years. The eruption was accompanied by a slow discharge of lava, which after about four hours covered almost one area kilometers Square. The Fagradalsfjall eruption caused the sky to turn orange-red.

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Iceland. YouTuber flew a drone over the volcano. “An unforgettable experience”

Joey Helms is a YouTuber who runs a travel channel. The man decided to take pictures with a drone volcanic eruption Fagradalsfjall. The machine flew over a river of lava, then stopped over the caldera, a large depression at the top of the volcano caused by a volcanic eruption. The machine flew into the air, then fell into the lava.

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Helms did not lose the recording of the drone flying over the volcano and decided to share it with netizens. The movie went to a program YouTube at the end of May and has been watched by nearly 200,000 since then. Persons.

– Flying experience at a very close distance volcano It is completely unrealistic and impossible to describe. It is not just a perspective, but above all the freedom that a drone provides in such an environment, Helms said in an interview with the DroneDJ portal, that makes it an absolutely unforgettable experience.

In the aftermath of the volcanic eruption, the Icelandic Civil Protection and Crisis Management Department instructed the residents of Thorlachofen (located east of the volcanic eruption site) not to open their windows and leave their homes, so as not to expose themselves to danger. gases volcanic. However, the pollution soon subsided. Contrary to previous reports, the explosion did not pose a threat to air traffic. The Fagradalsfjall eruption has become quite a tourist attraction. Crowds of residents gathered near the site of the explosion touristsWho wanted to see an active volcano with their own eyes. Some walked near the lava to try grilling sausages or marshmallows.

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