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Ida Novakowska was a practicing Catholic. How did she survive Halloween in America? – o2

Ida Novakowska was a practicing Catholic.  How did she survive Halloween in America?  - o2

Ida Nowkowska is a star of Polish television. He hosts “Question for Breakfast” and several other events broadcast by the station. In addition, she dances and gained experience on the dance floor in America. Having lived there for many years, she has had the opportunity to observe the local customs, such as Halloween, which is celebrated lavishly.

In America, Halloween is the day when almost everyone decides to dress up and hit the streets to pick up candy or attend themed parties. You can often find similar customs in Poland. However, this is still a very controversial topic. Mainly the Catholic Church and passionate Catholics are protesting against Halloween.

Aida Nokowska does not hide her deep faith. He is a Catholic who highlights his values ​​in interviews and social media. How does he feel about Halloween? The TVP star admitted that in his opinion it’s not really a holiday, but an excuse to have fun.

Ida Novakowska was a practicing Catholic. How did she survive Halloween in America?

Nowkowska admits that Halloween is nothing compared to All Saints’ Day, which falls on November 1. – I have the impression that there is no way to celebrate Halloween, because it is not a holiday, and there is no way to even compare it to All Souls’ Day, All Souls’ Day – he said on the “Hawk Post” website.

Halloween is a fun excuse, as is Valentine’s Day, for example. I have lived in the states for many years. In America, it’s time for kids to change (…). Old people dress up and go to evening parties. (…) There is absolutely no philosophy in it. We make some comparisons, I know which creature someone believes in, etc. “I don’t know anything about it, I’m not interested in it,” she assured.

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