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IF (intermittent fasting), or intermittent fasting, doesn’t work, according to a publication in “The New England Journal of Medicine.”

IF (intermittent fasting), or intermittent fasting, doesn't work, according to a publication in "The New England Journal of Medicine."

Scientists dealt another blow to the modern diet. Another that has not stood the test of time … Is it possible to lose weight so as not to eat shame and lose health?

Trees are green, birds sing louder, and journalists from women’s magazines wonder which new slimming diets are winning the hearts of their readers — and filling their stomachs. Spring has come! – Best time to lose weight – He was not questioned by the professor. Barbara Zahorska Markewicz of the Medical University of Silesia, President of the Polish Society for the Study of Obesity died four years ago, which over many years of professional medical work has helped patients scientifically and practically lose weight wisely. Why were they more successful this time of year? – We are more willing to eat vegetables and fruits, and we are more outgoing. Such a lifestyle change is more beneficial in losing kilograms from diet throughout the year than a miracle diet. – Professor is justified.

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In the spring, there is also a better impulse, necessary to begin the heroic fight for a slender figure: shall I wear short pants, how shall I look in a bathing suit, and not go to the beach with such a belly! Apparently, aesthetic considerations are the most important for a woman when deciding to lose weight. On the other hand, men only move when obesity threatens their health.

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Frequent diets do not go hand in hand with their effectiveness. If there really was one that would allow you to lose weight permanently without major sacrifices and in the long run, you wouldn’t need anything else. I remember wandering bookstores in 2017 looking for inspiration for an article on different ways to lose weight (it was published under the title Heavy Illness, because obesity is a disease, even though hardly anyone recognizes it as such). At that time, Empek sold 311 items on various methods of losing weight: “Adios kilograms”, “Eat delicious, lose weight wonderfully”, “Paleo diet”, “Buddha diet”. New editions of Atkins, Mayo Clinic, Montignac, Dukan and Balance Guardians books were on the shelves, too. Five years later, some titles ran out, so they were replaced by new ideas, not better ones. Work continues for the publishers and creators of New Miracle Diets, readers are divided on the right side of the bookcase, “Keep Fit”, the Jesus Diet (“What Can Jesus Eat? The Biblical Recipe”), etc. Other, cake and dessert recipes. The same azimuth is chosen by magazines geared towards women who regularly put their readers to a difficult test of personality: on the front page, an interview with a model who has lost weight again, the following article is about the slender legs of celebrities, in the middle there is a new diet introduction, and finally culinary recipes for the most delicious fattening dishes. This is how business goes: Lose weight, gain weight, gain weight, lose weight.

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Meanwhile, there are no miracles in weight loss, say doctors who treat complications of obesity. To lose weight, there must be a negative energy balance. This can be achieved through a low-calorie diet, exercise and, above all, perseverance. Fighting with a corpse is, in a way, a fight with your own habits, a fight with yourself. But it is better to know how not to deceive yourself under the supervision of a specialist. Most diet buffs settle for simple lies and punish themselves – for three hours I will not eat five delicious bars! As a result, after three hours, already five bars are intact. But at four o’clock seven of them disappear.

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Spring diets vanish every season—because when scientists begin to analyze them, their negligible effects become apparent, discouraging potential supporters at first. It is sometimes difficult to assess the usefulness of fancy proprietary nutrition ideas in clinical trials, because metabolism is determined by many factors that cannot be reduced to a common denominator in the study population. It is difficult to carry out such examinations on a large number of participants with uniform criteria, which, after all, are influenced by a large number of environmental and genetic factors.

But Thursday’s New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) offers Article on the completed study, where a Chinese-American team of endocrinologists and epidemiologists evaluated the usefulness of the so-called reduction diet. In this case, I checked for a year to see if it made sense to limit meals to certain hours during the day. Answer: There is no. People who wanted to lose weight in this way did not lose more weight than those who ate at any given time.

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Is there anything surprising in this summary? On logic – no. But the premise of losing weight by reducing the daily feeding to the six hours allotted to it is so attractive that it has gained many supporters. In practice, it is a diet based on intermittent fasting – 139 obese patients can eat only meals between meals 8 and 16, with restrictions on the number of calories consumed (1500-1800 calories per day for men and 1200-1500 calories per day for women).

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Yes, people lost 6 to 8 kg, but those who adhered to the set eating time frames and those who ate immediately after waking and in the afternoon did. There are also no statistically significant differences between the two groups in the measurements of waist circumference and body fat.

Interestingly, See The New York Times for a review of the NEJM academic publication This article quotes from Dr. Ethan Weiss of the University of California at San Francisco, who has been a cardiologist studying the effects of diets on the heart for years, was surprised by the latest findings. “We had indications from earlier studies, but shorter and on a smaller scale, without the participation of control groups, that people lose weight by eating only a limited time during the day” – he admitted (he himself had been following this principle as stated and for seven years he had been eating Only between noon and eight in the evening). “I asked statisticians to analyze the most recent data four times, until they told me that more work wouldn’t change the results,” he admitted.

In another interview with the paper, Dr. Christopher Gardner, director of nutrition research at the Stanford Center for Prevention Research, said he wouldn’t be surprised if limiting eating now and then to just a few hours a day worked: “Almost any type of diet works. It’s good for some people.” But new research confirms that simply reducing your daily caloric intake to lose weight is the best approach.” In other words, any method is good as long as it includes limiting the number of calories. If someone can only limit it with a clock in their hand, i.e. eating at certain times, not too early, or too late, there is no point in discouraging them from doing so – but it is about lowering the calorie load, it is weight loss not the effect Mysterious times of the day.

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Obesity is treated, not slimming

The psychological factor should not be underestimated. According to Dr. Louis C. Aaron, MD, director of the Center for Comprehensive Weight Control at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York, his experience has shown that some patients who have trouble dieting to count calories do better if they diet, accordingly. to the New York Times. They only eat during a limited amount of time during the day.

Again, the logic suggests that the risks of snacking are less than that, and it’s no secret to any dietitian or anyone trying to lose weight that snacks and snacks varied between meals is the biggest reason for gaining weight. Hence the famous yo-yo effectAnd As a result, frustration with further attempts to control the carcass and health complications, because the number of kilograms is constantly increasing.

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So, according to prof. Magdalena Olszanecka-Glinianowicz, President of the Polish Society for the Study of Obesity, The very concept of “slimming” has nothing to do with health: – Weight loss, which leads to rapid weight return after rapid weight loss, leads to unfavorable changes in body composition (increased fat percentage) and often also to the development of complications of obesity. In many cases, it is caused by nutritional deficiencies or complications from excess of certain nutrients in the diet.

Doctors often have to deal with the effects of weight loss on diets high in fat and protein. – Moreover, the alteration of body composition and reduced energy expenditure as a result of the loss of muscle mass makes effective treatment of the disease more difficult. – Adds the professor. Olzanica Glinjanovic. In her view, bariatric surgeons are most often the victims of the “weight loss industry”.

So what instead? Obesity cure! Because slimming treatment is likely to be harmful to health if someone does it alone or follow different trends.

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