September 23, 2021

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If my health permits, I will bring the medal from Paris

If my health permits, I will bring the medal from Paris

Before the Olympics in Tokyo, Michao Kubik sustained an injury, which made him fight for a long time to regain his full strength. The Polish national team legend did not hide the collapse with France, which prompted the Poles to bid farewell to the Olympic tournament. Many expected Mishakko Kubik to say goodbye to the team after his return to Poland. The volleyball player dispelled all doubts.

I don’t want to judge if we play too simple. I also don’t want to blame everything on Michael Kopeck’s health problems. But if your best player, your captain, is not 100% healthy, and therefore not with the team as usual, then the team has a problem. – He said after the games Vital Heinen.

Michai Kubik According to some, he was thinking of saying goodbye to the Polish national team after a failed match in Tokyo. But it turned out that the volleyball player had other plans. The captain dispelled the doubts of the fans during the meeting with the fans in Wałcz.

– My dream is to take this medal, but if my health permits, I will bring the medal from the Olympic Games in Paris – said Michał Kubiak in Wałcz during the meeting with fans at Plac Wolnoci.

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