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If Russia invades Ukraine, the United States will impose sanctions

If Russia invades Ukraine, the United States will impose sanctions

They ended on January 10, almost 8 hours later US-Russian talksThe so-called part of the conversation that took place was about strategic stability. The diplomats explained their positions The Kremlin plans to build a new security structure In Europe. The discussion took place in an environment where about 100,000 people had gathered. Russian soldiers on the border with Ukraine. Russia demands, among other things, a guarantee that Ukraine will never be allowed into NATO. Contrary to some media reports, the Coalition and the United States have taken a firm stand to ensure that we do not succumb to the Kremlin’s demands.

Pix Aliu: The United States will impose sanctions if it attacks Ukraine

In an interview with Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, head of the US embassy in Poland, he recalled that speculation had been leaked that Russia was preparing a plan of aggression against Ukraine by the end of 2020.

Aliu said US President Joe Biden had a tough stance on Russia and had the opportunity to co-operate with current US presidents.

– I say it again and again, so no doubt. If Russia invades Ukraine, we will strengthen the eastern part of NATO. He announced that we would impose sanctions that Moscow had never experienced before.

When asked about the purpose of the aid provided by Ukraine to Ukraine by Washington, he replied that his country was convinced that its eastern partners should defend themselves against any possible occupation.

– We supply a lot of defensive weapons to Ukraine, the next deliveries will already be this month. Last year alone, US military aid to Kiev was over $ 450 million, and since 2014 it has totaled more than $ 2.5 billion. This is a huge amount. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Russia’s ambitions.

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During the conversation, Aliou stressed that the withdrawal of US troops from Poland was not questionable.

NATO did not accept Russia’s demands

The NATO-Russia Council also met after talks with the US Embassy. In Brussels on Wednesday, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg welcomed Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Kruska at the Allied Headquarters.

NATO officials consider many of Moscow’s demands to be unacceptable, as stated in the two December draft agreements, including a call to limit the coalition’s activities to the level of the 1990s and a pledge not to add new members to NATO.

– Let it be clear: Russian actions accelerated this crisis. “We are committed to using diplomacy to ease the situation,” US Ambassador to NATO Julian Smith told reporters.

In turn, Alexander Kruska, vice president of Russian diplomacy, said Moscow did not want a confrontation. Another representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Rybkov, was present Negotiations with the United States in Geneva, Said Ukraine should never be allowed to join NATO.

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