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Iga Świętek reveals behind the scenes. “There were voices of concern about what was happening to me.” Tennis

Iga Świętek reveals behind the scenes.  “There were voices of concern about what was happening to me.” Tennis

Dominic Sinkowski: Is it hard to win at Roland Garros being the favorite after an impressive streak of wins, or the US Open after a little bit tougher, while still playing the leaderboard?

Iga Schwetek: Winning for sure US Open It cost me a lot. The whole period in the States was difficult for me and I had to face many challenges, including. With balls that lead to a lot of mistakes and difficult to control. I adapted to all conditions and I am proud that I survived to the end.

It’s hard to compare winning the US Open and Roland Garros. These are different tournaments, different conditions, and luxury. There were many variables. I am definitely proud of both tournaments. In Paris, from the ground up, we completed everything we planned and dealt with the tremendous pressure, and during the US Open, I adapted to the tough conditions. So every success tastes a little different.

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New Iga Świątek. However, Djokovic and not Nadal?

Many experts point out that even if you had a bad day, you can still win thanks to a winning mindset. How do you get this mentality? Should you be born with it or can you exercise?

I don’t know if there is such a thing as a winning mentality that was once introduced. I think it is a work in progress. This is definitely due to psychologist Daria Abramovich, with whom we have been working on my development for several years. I can see the effects of that and don’t know if a year ago, in a similarly difficult situation, I overcame many of the difficulties I had at this year’s US Open. I can definitely see my progress.

What did Anas Jaber tell you after the US Open final, how was her reaction? We saw a beautiful photo of Jabeur adjusting your collar to make you look even better in the photo, holding the trophy to win in New York.

Ons is a nice girl with the class, and I like her very much. She’s naturally kind to all of us, and that’s cool. Congratulations on a wonderful chapter. Anyway, the performance of the whole team was great.

I did not have high expectations for this tournament, because I have a very difficult season and the last time is behind me. This tournament was also very difficult – I said it after the US Open final. What was the most difficult moment for you in the tournament? Did low expectations help?

It was hard not to have expectations after winning six championships for six months. These expectations were, in a way, and at some point I formulated them for myself, but the outside world also imposed them on me. There were voices of concern about what was happening to me after losing one game.

I knew after this first half of the season there was bound to be a deterioration in shape, it’s a natural cycle in SportsBut it was tough anyway. I always wanted to entertain the audience and impress my game, and in this tournament I had to learn to win without fireworks. This is the most valuable lesson for me.

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After the US Open, I said to the team, “Thank you, because you know how hard it is for us. I’m sorry that sometimes I find it difficult for you. You are smarter and you know what to do.” Can you give me a little bit of what I meant?

It’s just that working with me is not always the same, as it is with everyone. There are good times, but there are bad times as well. Residing in the US was a requirement for me and the whole team definitely felt that. A lot of stress and stress affect relationships, and working on them can be a challenge. But I know the team understands that and supports me and knows there are moments of overload for everyone.

What has changed that you are doing so well this season?

On the other hand, these are definitely the effects of all the years of training that always come late. Especially all the work my team and I have done since winning Roland Garros two years ago. Then I faced that I had to play under pressure, that I became the favourite, that I had to run my career off the field and I had a lot of work responsibilities. I’m glad I was listening to my surroundings at the time and didn’t rush to use the five minutes, just resident I was focusing on sports. It pays off now. Apart from that, of course, the collaboration with Coach Tomic gave me a lot WiktorovskyWho taught me a lot this season and contributed a lot to changing my playing style and overcoming many weaknesses on the field.

When you started your collaboration with coach Thomas Wiktorowski in December, did you expect it to be a good one?

I knew he was a great coach, but I tried not to have expectations. Although I have a demanding personality and am an individualist, I decided to work with such a good specialist and trusted him. I do not regret.

Xavi could not stand the scandal. “I’m angry. Let the judge come and explain it.”

I asked this question to Daria Abramovich after Roland Garros, but I’m curious what you think of it. Did ending Ash Party’s career and being ranked #1 on your part have any effect on the results you’ve been getting since then?

I heard voices somewhere and assumptions that leaving the ashes gave me wings and I decided to “use the place where it appeared”. In the meantime, my goals have not changed since the start of the season and I have been following them constantly. The fact that Ashe decided to end his career, I was second for less than a week, and then in one day I became one, just meant that I had to quickly find myself in a very difficult new situation. And here helped the great work we did to prepare for what would happen after the success.

Do you read comments in social media? Do you keep the accounts the same? Or are you trying to cut it?

It depends on the tournament and the duration. I manage the accounts myself with very little technical and substantive support from my team. This is an opportunity for me to connect with my fans. I read the comments, but not all of them, because it would be difficult, there are a lot of them. During tournaments I use the phone less, between them more often and more freely, but I still limit it. I know how it affects my recovery or my sleep, so I try to keep an eye on it. I love taking photos and videos myself, which I upload not only to my social media, but also to the Xiaomi community, the fan community of my sponsor, Xiaomi. I cover the season, visit different cities I visit, show my training and sometimes behind the scenes of tournaments.

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What has changed to the point that we are seeing less emotional reactions on the field this season?

I don’t know if I agree with that, because more than once I threw the rocket into the air for joy, which is an emotional reaction for me. I feel frustrated, excited, feel sad. I am not shy about emotions and show them spontaneously, so I do not need to analyze whether there are more or less of them, they are just there.

Do you feel the expectations of public opinion in Poland?

Yes, everyone can probably feel it, and get the support of many fans and media attention across the country. However, I try to play for myself, and have fun with it, because I have an influence on it. Trying to meet all expectations is a direct route to burnout.

Do you realize the historical significance of this year’s achievements?

naturally. I know the stats.

Athletes often say that staying on top is harder than going up. So is the second part of the season more difficult for you?

It’s all the more difficult due to the growing tiredness, homesickness and the usual overload associated with a demanding season in tennis. I don’t focus on having to stay on top. I focus on the next steps and on developing myself.

“It’s also a penalty for Lewis” – a crackling on the net after Barcelona’s match with Inter in the Champions League.

As the best tennis player in the world, you are no longer just a player but also the face of women’s tennis. Journalists, fans or other people ask you what you think of Wimbledon, the position of women’s tennis, you are just a tennis player. How do you fit in with it?

I’m learning. I try to remember that I’m deciding what I’m participating in and that I’m doing it right. That’s why I find myself so good, it’s not for me to judge, for I only deal with subjects where I feel my voice will be of value.

What are you currently reading?

I finished “Atonement” and also read “Atlas of the Heart” by Brian Brown. I have also watched two seasons of “Big Little Lies” and I am happy with this series.

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How did you react when you saw that at the concert Taco Hemingway and David Podciado were singing about you, and they changed the chorus of the song to “Drink, Eat, Play, Like Aiga Your Chevy”?

It made me laugh and I appreciate the creativity!

Daria Abramovich after Roland Garros said in an interview with “When looking at the entire tennis tour, it is very important to remember that“ tennis does not interfere with life. ” It does not take life, it is part of life and sometimes even allows a good and wonderful life And of high quality.” I suppose you think so now too.

was different. This is definitely one of the things I have learned and continue to learn throughout my career.

What did you write on the cards you read during meetings?


The WTA Finals will end in Dallas on November 7 and the Billie Jean King Cup Final will begin in Glasgow on November 8. How do you control it?

It’s an uncomfortable situation for me and I’m disappointed that the Tennis Federation has not made sure to create a calendar that will allow players to play in both events. One day to change the time zone unfortunately is a very inconvenient situation.

– I’m also glad that tennis is becoming more popular in Poland – I said it after the US Open. Jerzy Janowicz thinks otherwise. “There is no fashion for tennis in Poland, there is fashion for success,” he said recently in an interview with TVP Sport. What do you think that?

I don’t know the statistics of tennis in Poland, because I haven’t had time to get into them yet, maybe my team knows more. Certainly, individual stories show that something is changing, and that people are more likely to reach for the racket. I often get messages that someone started playing thanks to me or videos of kids watching my games and shouting “Iga, Iga” while holding their little bats. It’s definitely been a job for years, but I think we’re making progress.

Many people wonder why coach Tomas Wiktorowski is so serious when he sits in the stands during matches. When asked about it after the US Open final, Eurosport said: “I’m focused on what I’m doing and trying to meet the expectations of my athletes. And you probably wouldn’t want me walking around the court with grinning teeth.”

My team is professional and does everything to increase my chances of winning. There are days when energetic cheers help me, there are days when I need their peace and composure, and I want to solve problems on the court myself. We determine the best at the moment, but I don’t want to go into it anymore, because it’s our internal affairs.

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