July 28, 2021

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Illegal mining of cryptocurrency. Hackers install viruses in games

Popular antivirus producer Avast warns against downloading illegal copies of games. You may fall victim to scams by installing these products on your computer. Cybercriminals have hacked them with malware to mine cryptocurrency.


Avast dubbed the malware “Crackonosh”. The name refers to Karkonosze’s “mountain spirit”, occurring in Czech folklore, because – according to the company – the virus’s originator may have been the Czech Republic.

The analysis showed that the malware was distributed with copies of games like NBA 2K19, Grand Theft Auto V, Far Cry 5, The Sims 4, and Jurassic World Evolution. Crackonosh disables many antivirus programs and uses the computing power of infected equipment, allowing criminals to mine illegally. Cryptocurrency.

Avast analyst Daniel Bennis explained in a comment to the American station CNBCInfected computers are starting to run less efficiently and users may notice an increase in their electricity bills over time. According to Benes’ estimates.Crackonosh attacks about 800 devices per day. So far, hackers have infected 220,000 computers around the world with it.


Avast discovered that since June 2018, criminals have mined $2 million in Moreno cryptocurrency in this way. The interesting engineering indicates that cryptocurrency mining requires a lot of energy and computing power, which can slow down your computer or even destroy it. As a result, victims of fraud may soon need to have their devices replaced.

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