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Ilona Krauseska, after winning the “Dancing with the Stars”, rushed in front of the journalists: “I do not like show business”

Ilona Krauseska, after winning the "Dancing with the Stars", rushed in front of the journalists: "I do not like show business"

On Monday we met the winners of “Dancing with the Stars”. She won the fierce battle over the votes of viewers and jurors Ilona KrauzinskaHe was driving Robert Rowinsky. Many viewers did not hide their disappointment with this choice, and fans of the second final pair were not particularly satisfied – Jacek Jelonick and Michael Danielczuk.

While the latter was willing to give interviews after the show and tactfully commented on the results of the vote, The conqueror of the crystal ball literally ran away from the journalists. The case shocked fans of the show, a pin Ilona Krauzinska She also hit a juror on the show.

I tell you yes Ilonka. Here’s my advice: the media is your life, so be careful – She said Iona Pavlovic In conversation with Pomponic.

The truth decided to explain Quite absurd, given the facts of the program, behavior Krawczyńska. A tabloid is like a conversation with a celebrity, as one of the sisters of the duo ADIHD She has been in social media for many years and also co-hosted the “Farms” program in Polsat.

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Ilona’s escape from the cameras is due to the fact of it Celebrities…don’t like show business. In an interview with “Fact”, a participant in the weekly media show with a dance in the title claimed that she “loves festivals”, but interviews and communication with journalists are no longer her fairy tale.

I value my private life very much. The fact that I love working on TV, and that I love the Gala, but after this party I’m having, I go backstage backstage And I don’t want to go to any interviews, I don’t want to go to any walls. I’m not good for that, I don’t like show business – says Krawczyńska, who has agreed to participate in the show, which is watched by more than a million viewers every week.

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Krawczyńska asserts that she avoids interviews for fear of misrepresenting her words.

I refuse to give an interview and I don’t want to be in it. (…) Gossip portals got their opinion somewhere here, their opinion there, and they wrote it their own way, well, what is it for? I just don’t like it. I don’t like it when someone who doesn’t know me writes about me and comments on everything without having any idea what’s going on – He explains.

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And what is the media slave? On the other hand, if he doesn’t like showing business, what is he paying for!!!! Can work on cash register in ladybug

I don’t like show business, that’s why I went to TzG xD

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Szołbiznesowo-Influenserska Schizophrenia Why did you participate?

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Celebrity lives are the media and the public.

Ni Prauda gives interviews on eye_ma9, it’s great to talk to her via polsatpl

Please, let someone enlighten me and write who she is! Because there was no such information in Pudel’s article

A dream slap in the media thanks to her appearance in TSG… so don’t be surprised when they boycotted her

And I don’t like false modesty

“…the celebrity didn’t want to talk to the media…” – but is Mikhai Dzidzic a Medea!?

“…the celebrity didn’t want to talk to the media…” – but is Mikhai Dzidzic a Medea!?

“…the celebrity didn’t want to talk to the media…” – but is Mikhai Dzidzic a Medea!?

Were the ‘fans’ of the cyclist community unsatisfied? How many are these fans? two three ….?

Maybe she has social anxiety, scary interviews, and loves to dance? It is worth being indulgent.

And so the promotional campaign begins

Beautiful girl and great dancer. Well deserved win!

Funny considering the show she just won and her behavior all along. I don’t like it, but my mother tortures me with it occasionally and it was a pleasure to see her. Chick Whore Attendance.

She is strangely hyperactive, I don’t like her. I cheered for the boys to win.

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