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“I’m in Dubai for the first time and I’m still in the most expensive hotel,” says Iona Vogrovska.

"I'm in Dubai for the first time and I'm still in the most expensive hotel," says Iona Vogrovska.

Iona Vogrovska For several years she has been trying to revive her music career, but her new songs are not very popular with fans (?). The celebrity name appears in the media in the context of “bold” style, confessions about private life and so-called “Dubai affairs”. Węgrowska doesn’t seem to care much about harmful rumors and has just gone on a romantic vacation … to Dubai. The trip is a gift from her lover on her birthday. The happy singer talks about luxurious vacations and assures that she is in this city for the first time in her life.

Total insanity! Christmas Surprise – Dubai. My child is crazy! I’ll show you the hotel and the view from our bedroom. I can’t believe this is my first time in Dubai and I’m still in the most expensive hotel. On Monday, open champagne and drink for my health!! – Ionka Saeed wrote on Instagram.

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Some netizens did not like the term “most expensive hotel” and began to wonder if the singer should show off her money, as a successful vacation could be spent even in a “normal” hotel. Węgrowska She honored them with her refund.

By the way, Węgrowska treated her fans with some pictures from “The Most Expensive Hotel In Dubai”. Do you want to swim with her in the pool?

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