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“Important in the fight for public health.” Dr. Michal Sotkowski on the COVID drug – Polskie Radio 24

When asked if Poland is threatening to close or tighten restrictions in connection with the fourth wave of the coronavirus epidemic, the Prime Minister noted that in many Western European countries we had to deal with a discussion about restrictions and possible closures.

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‘Growth is still very significant.’ The head of the Ministry of Health announced the number of new infections with the Corona virus

We have seen a wave of protests sweeping through these countries. And the extent of its strength in increasing the injury. For example, in Germany today the number of cases reaches 40 thousand cases. Mateusz Morawiecki said they broke records and records in other countries.

Bed readiness and vaccination base

By his assessment, social protests are also having an impact and translated into the number of cases. – Therefore, we try to strike a balance, we try to find (…) the best possible solutions – the Prime Minister explained. He explained that it is related to the readiness of the bed and the vaccination base.

00:26 mp3 Prime Minister on the Government’s Anti-Pandemic Measures (IAR)

– (We want) to ensure that with this preparedness, the availability of the family is at a sufficient level, by the readiness of the vaccination base, that everyone who wants to protect themselves better is better – not one hundred percent, but better certainly better to protect against the effects of COVID-19 – So that you can do it, stressed the head of government.

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Dr Posobkiewicz: Up to 30 percent of people die from COVID-19 without comorbidities

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– That is why today we are studying, yes, different types of mechanisms that can reduce the intensity of transmission of the virus, but we are not thinking about closure – said Mateusz Moravec.

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Since Thursday, the daily number of new infections detected by tests in Poland has exceeded 15,000. Since the start of vaccination with the second dose, more than 41,000 people in Poland have died of COVID-19, of whom more than 1,200 have been fully vaccinated. Fully vaccinated people account for a small percentage of new cases.


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