July 27, 2021

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Improperly storing medicines can reduce their effectiveness

Improperly storing medicines can reduce their effectiveness

Improper storage of medicines may limit their effectiveness – states the pharmacist Dr. Artur Biberuk from the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice. Especially in hot weather, you need to remember the correct storage temperature.

Students of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Sosnowiec of the Medical University of Silesia: Wironica Nojag, Ija Hasiak and Marta Guido, are active in the scientific department of the Department of Chemistry and Drug Analysis under the supervision of Dr. Haap. Arthur Pepperock conducted a study to verify patients’ knowledge of this topic. It turns out that many people do not follow the rules for proper storage of medicines in their homes, and only 40 percent. of respondents always check the appearance and consistency of the drug before using it.

“It is very important for each patient to be aware of the health and life-threatening effects that improper storage of drugs can cause. This can lead to a lack of therapeutic effect and, in the worst cases, a decrease in the safety of drug therapy” – emphasized Artur Biberuc.

In medicine that has been improperly stored, there may be changes that we can notice by ourselves, such as a change in color and consistency. Therefore, it is very important to check their appearance before applying syrup, tablets or suppositories. If it differs from its original form, the use of the preparation is prohibited.

“One of the basic principles that allow for proper storage of medicines at home is the appropriate interpretation of the manufacturer’s signals with respect to location and temperature” – states Dr. Biberock. Packaging of medicinal products contains the following recommendations: “store at room temperature” – which means a temperature of 15-25 ° C (the most common); “Store in a cool place” and is in the range of 5-15 ° C; “Cooling”, that is, 2-8 degrees Celsius.

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It is also worth paying attention to the conditions in the room where the drugs are stored. They should be placed in cabinets that are not exposed to sunlight and moisture, so it is better to have a cupboard in the room for a home first aid kit than in the kitchen or bathroom.

“Another very important rule to remember before taking each drug is to check the expiry date specified and printed on the package by the manufacturer” – explains Weronika Nogaj.

“Medications should not be taken after this time, as they can lead to negative effects on the health and life of the patient. Surprisingly, up to 30% of respondents take medications after the expiration date. Furthermore, in this case for some forms of medication, such as Eye drops, we must exceptionally adhere to the rules regarding the date of use listed in the leaflet. This is due to the fact that giving them to the eyes must be sterile, that is, free from pathogenic microorganisms “- adds Ija Hasyak.

Therefore, check the expiration date printed on the package and read the package leaflets that accompany the medication. Expired medicines should not be thrown into the trash – it is better to take them to the pharmacy, which will deliver them to the appropriate institutions that have the appropriate procedures for destroying items unfit for consumption.

PAP – Science in Poland, Anna Gumuka

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