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In addition to giving away iPhones. There is only one but

In addition to giving away iPhones.  There is only one but

Plus has introduced iPhones to its offering, and is already announcing a new form of its purchase. By distributing the payment for the device into 36 instalments, after 24 instalments you will replace your iPhone with a newer model, and the operator will cancel the remaining 12 instalments, but … not for free.

A new iPhone every two years

Plusas the only telecom operator on the Polish market, will offer From 4 May 2022 interesting iPhone sales software. As part of it, the customer can buy a smartphone in low installments and Replace it with a newer model every two years. To take advantage of this is enough Choose iPhone in Plus with payment in 36 installments. When you pay 24 installments, you can decide for yourself what to do next. You have two options to choose from:

  • You do not pay the remaining 12 installments, you return your iPhone without unnecessary actions and take a new model with a new contract; The returned iPhone should be in good working condition, but may show normal signs of use
  • You pay the remaining amount in full or in 12 installments and leave the phone to yourself.

If you are already a Plus customer, extend your subscription contract You will not pay the initial fee for an iPhone. If you decide on an additional subscription with iPhone, you will get the next subscription To start PLN 1. New subscribers will pay No more than 10% of the value of the smartphone to start. The rest will be divided into installments.

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a program In addition to the exchange Applies to the entire range of iPhone available from this carrier. The current list looks like this:

People who are interested in buying iPhone in Plus can subscribe to the list on the website In order to increase the level of protection against unpleasant situations related to damage to the smartphone, you can also purchase the service Outstanding device service in the price 20 PLN for 30 days. Allows you to take advantage of Repair of a mechanically damaged smartphone purchased in the Plus network once a year.

In addition to the exchange – more than 1,600 zlotys remain in your pocket

Current Plus customers extend the contract and choose, for example, iPhone 13 Pro 128 GB in the Plus Exchange Program without the initial payment, after mandatory 24 installments in the amount of PLN 148.60 per month If you cancel the last 12 installments, they will pay for the device in total PLN 3566.40.00 PLN. By deciding to replace the device, they will save the same PLN 1782.60.00. For comparison, in the case of a conventional installment contract for 24 months (i.e. not in the Plus WYMIANA program), the premium will be 222.89 PLN / month.

New Plus customers who choose the same smartphone (iPhone 13 Pro 128 GB) in the Plus Exchange Program for an initial fee, will pay a total of 24 installments zloty. By choosing to replace the device with a newer model, they will save in this way Zloty 1604.64.00. The monthly installment will be zloty 133.72.00 zlotyAnd after 24 instalments, they will be able to trade in their smartphone for a new model. For comparison, in the case of a traditional 0% premium for 24 months (i.e. not in the Plus WYMIANA program), the premium would be at 200.58 PLN / month.

Plus Banner Exchange

Technical Support for iPhones in Plus

iPhones used in the Plus network are technically supported by Apple. The list of approved jobs at the moment is as follows:

  • 5G,
  • eSIM,
  • FaceTime over cellular,
  • LTE,
  • Personal point of contact.

Plus 5G network is supported All iPhone 12 and 13 series and iPhone SE 3rd generation. In addition, configuring MMS and Personal Hotspot settings is simplified on all models. For the correct operation of the 5G network and other certified services in the Plus network, it must be Update iOS to version 15.4 and launcher settings.

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Image source: (Mieszko Zagańczyk)

Text source: Plus, ed. king

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