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In Bronisze ‘frosty’ trade

In Bronisze 'frosty' trade

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There is a whole assortment of local fruit on the market. Blueberries are cheap and a lot of them are. It is cheaper than the previous classes and costs, depending on the quality, from 8 to 12 PLN per kilogram. Such a large display – the result of the large cultivation of this fruit – demonstrates Chimera.

The cherry is running out. The fruit currently on offer comes either from protected crops, that is, from specialty orchards or from refrigerated stores. This year, cherry prices were very diverse, although on average they were 1/3 cheaper than last year. Perhaps the prices fell due to the simultaneous influx of different varieties of cherries due to the weather.

Raspberries are expensive, costing 18-30 PLN / kg. According to farmers, there are fewer of them this year due to severe air losses.

Black currant is quite expensive, you have to pay 7-10 PLN / kg for it. Cherries are abundant, their cost is 2-3 zlotys / gram of juicy varieties, and “grape” varieties can be purchased for 4 zlotys / kg.

Plum appeared, ‘Rana’ was one of the first to be sold. The first types of local apples were also available for two weeks. The Geneva variety costs 2-3 zlotys / kg, and farmers ask for 4 zlotys / kg for the Peruvian variety.

When it comes to vegetables, Kemera said, there is a shortage of leafy greens, especially spinach and dill. There is a little lettuce and cauliflower less. This deficiency is also caused by unfavorable weather – the expert explains. He added that too much rain and wet soil are not conducive to onion rot.

On the other hand, tomatoes were successful, there are a lot of them and they are inexpensive, at a price of 2-3 PLN / kg. The first ground varieties have already been delivered, which cost 1.5-3.5 PLN / kg. There are a lot of ground cucumbers (2-3 PLN / kg), peppers that are getting cheaper every day, and zucchini.

Bronisze wholesale market is the largest such market in Poland, supplying mainly shops and bazaars, as well as canteens, restaurants and bars. Fruits, vegetables and flowers are traded here.

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