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In May, PGG employees were offered the e-learning platform eTutor – Górnictwo – – Economy

In May, PGG employees were offered the e-learning platform eTutor - Górnictwo - - Economy

Polska Grupa Górnicza employees and their family members can learn foreign languages ​​on their own. You can choose from English, German, Spanish, as well as Polish for the Ukrainians who came to our country after the outbreak of war outside our eastern borders. Such opportunities are created through the e-learning platform eTutor, which was made available to the company’s employees in May. There are more than 2,600 lessons online.

Our collaboration with this platform started in 2021, during the pandemic. At that time, our employees had the opportunity to learn English for free. Later, the offer expanded to include other languages. So far, 1,500 people have benefited from the online lessons – says Andrzej Sączek, Director of Human Resources Support at PGG.

The offer is directed to each PGG employee and two members of their family. It can also be used by Ukrainians who have been accepted into their homes by company employees.

– Thanks to the eTutor platform, refugees staying in miners’ homes can learn Polish in Ukrainian, which facilitates communication, allows them to get closer culturally and provides support in difficult times – says the director.

Learning on the platform offered by PGG guarantees versatility and versatility, that is, the ability to learn at all levels of mastery of a given language without restrictions – from beginner to more advanced levels, as well as the ability to learn different languages ​​​​at the same time – English, German and Spanish. The platform also contains useful industrial vocabulary, and supports language consolidation through innovative educational methods, such as video lessons, as well as innovative language learning methods in the form of games, puzzles, crosswords and access to a dictionary. Employees have the opportunity to learn anywhere and anytime, which allows them to maintain their own highest competence.

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The capabilities of the platform can also be used by high school graduates who will also face a language test as part of their high school leaving examination.

– The agreement between PGG and eTutor is signed until 2024, so you can safely plan your language education also in terms of final exams – admits Director Sączek.

The platform is currently promoted through the company’s magazine, the company’s internal employee portal, by email and in mines via posters and bulletin boards.

– First of all, we want to convey that the possibility of full and continuous use of these resources has appeared. We have 36,000 employees and two other people from their families, which gives us more than 100,000. People with a chance to develop their language competencies – sums up the Head of Human Resources Support at PGG.

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