October 18, 2021

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In Poland, you can pay with BLIK today in Messenger!

In Poland, you can pay with BLIK today in Messenger!

In Poland, we’ll pay for Messenger purchases today. Tpay and KODA in our country provide the option of BLIK payments using instant messaging – initially, this is Facebook.

In the last years a look It has undoubtedly conquered the Polish mobile payment market. No wonder – it’s a very convenient solution that allows users to drastically reduce transaction execution time.

Although using BLIK does reduce the time for making payments to a minimum, the site continues to evolve in order to offer a simpler system.

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Messenger will also be a store

A novelty introduced by the system is BLIK push in …Messengerze. They are also lining up WhatsApp, which has recently made a lot of money among internet users.

The new payment system has been implemented by Tpay and KODA (Telecom Automation System Suppliers). We will pay with Blik code Talk to an automated chat program The store of our choice.

Behind the idea of ​​Tpay is to increase the popularity of communication through the use of instant messaging. Since we spend a lot of time there, we can also shop there quickly.

What would this Facebook shopping like? During the conversation with the bot, the user will have the opportunity to see the offer of a specific store. Thanks to the new solution, the customer won’t have to go to the brand’s website, however The transaction will take place in Messenger.

At the time of payment, the internet user will pay by Blik – it’s much faster and, according to users, a more secure solution than providing a card number.

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The first store in Poland to introduce a new service is Myszojeleń. On the store’s fan page, we can now finish the transaction via Messenger.

In addition to extending BLIK payments to other contacts, jobs are also planned Audio purchases. Thanks to this, we feel like a real stationery store.

Ultimately, we don’t just think of classic online purchases, but all the transactions that can be made with BLIK – donating to a good cause or paying a phone bill.

– says Matthews Wachowski, Tpay’s key account manager.

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