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In the 17th century the mummified bishop was seen with a human embryo

Winstrap and place the fetus in its coffin. (Kreswinska et al., J. Archiol. Science. Rep., 2021)

Gives Scientifica:

In 1679, Peter Peter Peterston, bishop of the churches of Sweden and Denmark, died. However, being a revered and pious man, his body was mummified after his death and inserted into the care of the Lund Family Cathedral. For those who do not understand the material, I can assume that everything is in perfect order.

But it was not until 2012 that an invention was made. The moment they move Winstrap’s coffin, the researchers had the unique opportunity to read their remains a little further up. But when the remains were examined, scientists found a small trace that did not belong to the embryo Lund Peter.

The mystery of the fetus and the mummified bishop

The fetus found between the calves was 5 to 6 months pregnant. At the time, it was very common to find the remains of children, but only as long as they were kept together with the mother. What intrigued the researchers was the fact that the fetus was hidden in the coffin of an important person at the time.

The baby was not placed inside the lining of the coffin in any way, but its existence was concealed as if no one else knew about it. According to Torbjன்rn Ahlstrom, an archaeologist at the University of Lund in Sweden, the practice of placing children in coffins with adults is not uncommon. It is doubtful whether the embryo was placed after burial.


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