September 21, 2021

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In the first pregnancy, Duchess Kate had a surprising hobby.  "Incredible skill"

In the first pregnancy, Duchess Kate had a surprising hobby. “Incredible skill”

Princess Kate I Prince William They have three children. The eldest son of the couple Prince George, born July 2013. The boy is currently third in line to the British throne – right after his grandfather and father. When Princess Kate was pregnant, she decided to prepare a gift for her son, but something went wrong.

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Pregnant Princess Kate has surprising hobbies. “Incredible skill”

Princess Kate He is one of the prominent figures in the British royal family. when ksi harry ¿ê harry I Meghan Markle They publicly threw slime at “members of the royal family,” proudly represented them by visiting schools and hospitals, or You’ve excelled in great events, such as Wimbledon or the Euro 2020 final. Area Prince William From the beginning she tried to fulfill her royal duties with dignity, but she also allowed herself some rest. As it turned out, in her first pregnancy she had an unusual hobby.

Some time ago, the Duchess was featured in the Older Yet Wiser organization that supports grandparents looking after their grandchildren. Looking at the grandmothers knitting, she admitted that when she was in her first pregnancy, she also learned to knit. She wanted to knit a sweater for her first son.

I tried knitting when I was pregnant with George. I wanted to make it a very special jacket, but once I got halfway through, it all fell apart. It’s an amazing skill – she admitted.

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Princess Kate and Prince William have two other children. In May 2015, Princess Charlotte was born, and in April 2018, Buckingham Palace announced the birth of another son for the couple. The boy was named Louis.

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