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In the midst of the Sino-US crisis, Onet publishes an article by the Chinese ambassador (Sun Linjiang). “Why Pelosi Shouldn’t Have Visited Taiwan”

Nancy Pelosi krytykowana przez ambasadora Chin Suna Linjianga (fot. PAP/EPA/FRANCK ROBICHON;pl.china-embassy)

Amid the Sino-US crisis, Onet published an article by Chinese Ambassador Sun Linjiang after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan. Why shouldn’t Pelosi have gone to Taiwan? Around the same time, Beijing announces sanctions against the US politician.

Pelosi in Beijing, Taiwan is mobilizing floating tanks. US-China warm-up

Tensions are rising over US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei. Media – Local and Foreign –…

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To recall – China has been conducting unprecedented military maneuvers in the sea and airspace around Taiwan since Thursday. Nancy Pelosi visits the island on WednesdayBeijing strongly opposed this.

Storm after Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

Pelosi left Taiwan on Wednesday after meeting with President Tsai Ing-wen. He later traveled to South Korea and Japan.

Beijing’s threats are of great concern to the international community. G7 foreign ministers and EU diplomatic chief Joseph Borrell issued a statement in which they reaffirmed their “shared commitment to maintaining a rules-based international order, peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait and beyond”.

Beijing is tightening its grip

Beijing did not respond. On Friday, the local foreign ministry announced it would summon ambassadors from signatory countries to inform them of the Chinese government’s opposition. In addition, it was laid Sanctions on PelosiThis includes the Speaker of the US House of Representatives and members of his immediate family.

The dispute between Washington and Beijing has been one of the most prominent topics in the media around the world for several days.

Chinese Ambassador at Onet and “Rp”.

Therefore, it may seem surprising that the Onenet portal decided on Friday to publish the opinion of the Chinese ambassador to Poland. In the text entitled “Why Pelosi Shouldn’t Have Visited Taiwan” Sun Linjiang argues that “the Chinese side cannot be idle.”And a US politician’s visit to Taiwan is “shameful interference in China’s internal affairs”.

Source: Screen

The “One China” policy is at the core of China’s core interests. That is a red line that should not be crossed. Taiwan has also been an integral part of China for centuries, and other provinces and regions in China were settled and formed by people from all ethnic groups in China. Chinese cultural traditions have always been maintained there,” we read in the Onenet publication.

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Interestingly, a letter from the Chinese ambassador was also released this week “Republic”:

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Taiwan: China launches ballistic missiles

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