June 19, 2021

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In the United States, Lewandowski's record is respected but sober

In the United States, Lewandowski’s record is respected but sober

Polish The footballer fell in German league history and set a record among celebrities Gerdowi Mullerovi. In the United States, however, there has been a lot of attention from sports fans about the PGA Championship Grand Slam competition in golf and Formula 1 qualification in Monte Carlo. From Bundesliga, the focus of local fans was centered on Werder Bremen’s fate, with the Sergeant on the team, leaving the league after 31 years.

Real football above all else Fans Appreciates Robert’s achievement in the United States and his marketing value. His picture here will definitely get value. “Louis” is the best perspective in the world and – only if he decides to play here – will the MLS League welcome him with open arms. – He evaluated Janus Michalik, Born in Poland, is a former U.S. representative and currently an ESPN expert.

The station owns the broadcasting rights to the Bundesliga, but in the final round it chose the coverage of the prestigious PGA Championship golf tournament in South Carolina, and broadcast the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix qualifiers in “Two”.

Lewandowski’s fight with goalkeeper Rafas Kikivich and defender Robert Gumney, who played for FC Oxburg ESPN +. However, the former youth representative Michalik was not among the commentators Polish.

D.Oh not the times I was called to help with every match with the Poles. But I see this as a good sign, because Lewandowski and Bissek, who ended his beautiful life in Portugal Dortmund on Saturday, are recognized brands. And Lewandowski? In the corridors of ESPN, colleagues speak only of his admiration and respect. – Michaelic added.

One of the commentators working on the broadcast was for this Stephen friend, German European champion since 1996. When asked at the start of the match about his opinion on the record of Gert Mல்லller, he said that he believed that the pole would enhance the record of his famous teammate.

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I have a little Tragedy Because of this, I know that Mர்ller is a legend in German football, but “Louis” is unstoppable. His colleagues will do everything to help him in this historic achievement – Congratulations on winning the 1997 Champions League.

Until the break it was 4: 0, but … not the goal of the pole. When did Bayern score four goals in half at game and Lewandowski was not on the scorer list? Bryant asked the co-commentator.

Ann TwitterWhere the word “Lewandowski” was one of the best trends, it was fun WebsiteIt shows the mobilization of the defenders of Oxburg in preventing the Pole from scoring a goal, and the controversial joy they did in one job.

Meanwhile, American football commentators seemed to be looking the other way. Some lamented that he had been expelled from the Bundesliga Werter BremenAmerican plays Josh SergeantPeople like Sports Illustrated journalist Grant Wall drew attention to events in the UK. I like history Brentford. A game since promotion to the Premier League – He noticed.

Minutes and when Lewandowski missed the net, Frenud recalled: Personally, I don’t care if it ends this way. Let “Louie” and Mர்ller share this post!

Then in the 90th minute, Bayern striker Kikiwich caught the ball and sent it into the net. The record has become a reality. More or less simultaneously, first and foremost, congratulations were sent from American football experts.

“I have a soft spot for Gert Mல்லller, but my sympathy for Lewandowski is at its peak right now. Congratulations to you and Bayer on this incredible achievement,” wrote Taylor Twellman, a former American nationalist and commentator on Fox Sport.

In summary, the Huskord.com portal calculated that Kikivich – before he surrendered – had saved six shots of his countrymen. “If that doesn’t happen, it’s safe to say that Lewandowski’s Christmas gift he could not have relied on” – this is a funny tweet.

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Lewandowski Ann Twitter “Applause” with others Polish heavyweight boxer living near New York Adam licked his own. The professional MLS judge, who was born in Stalova Vola, also joined in the congratulations Robert Cipica, He admitted that he had discussed with his colleagues several times.

They are each inspired by Lewandowski; His game, the form he has achieved and the professionalism on and off the pitch. Personally, I was very confident that he would succeed because he deserves hard work – CF Montreal – referee in Ford Lauderdale, Florida – FC Cincinnati prepares to play in the game, winning 2-1 with substitute goalkeeper Prismiswa Titan.

An hour after the meeting, Lewandowski’s record on Sports Illustrated.

“The Polish international waited until the last second to break the record, catching a shot from Leroy Sane and hitting the ball into the net in the final act of the match” – it was written and recalled, another victory at the pole, currently FIFA’s best player and contributing to Bayer’s victory in six matches in 2020 Now Bayer is the ninth consecutive Bundesliga title.

However, the account “Louie” describes something that has not yet been achieved. “If he wants to become the most successful scorer in Bundesliga history, he still has to chase Mல்லller,” he recalled. He is 87 goals short.

Spoke in the same tone Stephen Yoursfield, German ESPN Reporter.

Lewandowski, who has averaged 28 goals a season since joining the Portuguese Dortmund in 2010, is less than 90 of M முller’s all-time record. He is bound by a contract with the team from the Alliance arena for the next two seasons, so it seems necessary to extend the contract to break this record. The journalist suggested.

One pole mentioned that one day I would like to go to MLS is a recognized brand in the United States. Recently, Brian Strauss of Sports Illustrated did a lengthy interview with him, which will be shown before the European Championships. Michaelic helped him.

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Bayern is an excellent team, with its headquarters in Manhattan, so of course this event will be mentioned somewhere, for information only. Thanks to this, someone who is not interested in football on a daily basis will find that some poles that are not yet widely known have broken a long-standing record of a German unknown to anyone. “Loo” once mentioned that he wanted to play in MLS, marketing it would definitely help, because every time this exchange mentions rumors about his participation will be mentioned. – Michaelic summarizes as a guest at the DVP Sports Studio during the broadcast of the European Championship in the summer.

American footballer Alexei Lalas, who was well known many years ago, spoke specifically about Lewandowski’s achievement for the BAP. Serie A, Italy’s first U.S. official, said he was delighted to honor one of the greatest snipers in history.

We should celebrate – at least visually – his consistency and ease of creating goals over the years. However, unfortunately – despite the fact that he broke Gert Mல்லller’s record – I believe he is still underestimated. Maybe he’s Messi’s brilliance, Ronaldo’s personality, Holland’s youngsters, but at the same time there is no club in the world that does not like him in his attacking line – up. – commented.

Lalas admitted that I would be in Cloud Nine if I had played polar Major League Soccer.

Because he does the hardest thing in our game – he scores goals. In such a ruthless way. In fact, I think this record is nothing, because it does not change the fact that Lewandowski is an invaluable player for his current or future team. – He insisted.