September 22, 2021

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In the United States there is a crossroads where Teslom does not bow

In the United States there is a crossroads where Teslom does not bow

In short: it does not seem. The encounter in Yosemite National Park seems innocent, but Tesla’s artificial intelligence is a particularly big problem. The FSD auto pilot does not know which path to take, so it sometimes goes straight. Maybe its shape somehow deceives Tesla’s thinking computer, but any average intelligent man should have no problem with that.

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One of the unfortunate owners announced the Tesla disappearing Bermuda Triangle. On July 25, 2021 his Model X crashed there. A National Park Ranger who came to the scene told him he had seen three such accidents before. Their victims have always been Tesla. Later, the driver of the dugout showed the Tesla Model S pictures in the same pattern.

The author of the post is the Tesla Model X generously fitted long distance plus model. The road he drove has a speed limit of 25 mph (40 km / h), and two lanes for driving in the same direction before the intersection. The left side turns to the left, and the right side runs more or less straight. The owner of the Tesla Model X says that despite being an auto pilot, he kept his hands on the steering wheel and was careful about the traffic situation, but still did not have time to react.

The Tesla Model X fault will cost the owner a lot

The car went straight, exactly between the two lanes, and stopped at the boulders placed on the lawn behind the ballot. No airbag exploded, but the electric SUV apparently could not drive. It was pulled to the borders of the national park for just $ 400 and then to Fresna for another $ 500.

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The owner then traveled to San Luis Obispo for $ 300, from where a friend took him to the flagpole. From there the only Tesla driver flew home (for $ 613). The car was taken to the Tesla Body Center in Tempe, Arizona for more than $ 900.

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As can be seen from the above calculation, the trip to Yosemite was very expensive and not very pleasant. Completely contrary to expectations. The owner of the Tesla Model X does not feel guilty in this situation and is clearly annoyed. In addition, he fitted new tires to his car three days ago. In addition, the man claims that his car was previously misunderstood as a full moon yellow traffic light. A similar problem was recently signaled by other American brand car owners.

Why the conflict in Yosemite National Park? Hard to say. This must have been the result of misuse of data provided to the autopilot computer by the sensors. The mysterious case of the Bermuda Triangle coming from Yosemite, Elon Muskin’s dislike of cars, should be of interest to Tesla IT professionals. After all, this is what owner testing is all about: detecting potential bugs.

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