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In what position to take the discs? Research Shows When You Work Better – Zdrowie Wprost

In what position to take the discs?  Research Shows When You Work Better - Zdrowie Wprost

Scientists from Hopkins University tested how to shorten the route of ingestion medicine Through the gastrointestinal tract, thereby increasing the effectiveness of its action. How quickly your medications are absorbed depends on many factors, including when you took them, what we eat and what the environment is digestive tract. road absorb The active component of the drug by the body is complex.

How does the tablet move in the stomach?

With the help of biomimetics stomach Reconstruction of the human stomach, how the ingested drug moves in the stomach and how gastric juice affects it according to the position taken by the patient was examined. The simulation allowed the scientists to calculate and compare the rate of release of the dissolved active pharmaceutical ingredient to or regions in different physiological states.

“Oral administration is surprisingly complex despite being the most common drug delivery option. When the pill reaches the stomach, the movement of the stomach walls and the flow of contents within them affect how quickly it dissolves. The characteristics of the pill and stomach contents also play an important role,” stresses the co-author In the study, Professor Rajat Mittal of Johns Hopkins University.

Lie on your right side!

Researchers say that after taking the drug, preferably while taking the tablet, it is best to lie on your right side. In this situation, her work is the fastest and most effective.

Don’t lie on your left side!

It is not recommended to take the tablet or to lie on your left side immediately after taking the medicine. This is because if we lie on the left side, the stomach opening is at the top and the path of the disc through the digestive system is much longer than when we lie on the right side.

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Do not get up after swallowing the medicine!

It also turns out that it’s not a good idea to straighten up after swallowing the medication. When this happens, more of the active substance will leave the stomach. According to the researchers, a better idea is to back off because the study found that this increases drug release by up to 50 percent.

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