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Increase your “gratitude quotient”. You will feel happy – Zdrowie Wprost

Increase your "gratitude quotient".  You will feel happy - Zdrowie Wprost

You can have everything and be grateful for nothing. Psychologists suggest that it is happyYou should be attentive and grateful for the little things every day. It can be a shining sun in the morning, a delicious dinner or a pleasant conversation with a friend. Right before you go to bed, think of the three things you are grateful for that happened today that will make you feel better.

Gratitude helps you deal with stress

Research proves that the ability to deal with it Stress And shockIt is also associated with gratitude. He found that learning to feel gratitude, not to constantly think about the loss, was an important factor in dealing with the post-traumatic stressors of Vietnam veterans and an effective strategy for dealing with many after the traumatic events of the terrorist attacks in the United States.

Gratitude affects the longevity of a relationship

It turns out that feeling gratitude also has a positive effect on Relations related with. People who are grateful, even for the little things that happen every day, are more likely to stay in their relationships for longer. It has been found that grateful people are also more patient and disciplined.

How do you increase your gratitude quotient?

American psychologist Christina Costa says that gratitude can be learned. One of the ways is a technique called “roses, thorns, buds”. It consists in the fact that the family meets once a day, for example for lunch or dinner, and shares “roses”, which are synonymous with something positive and happy that happened on a particular day, “thorns”, i.e. failures, worries and “buds” which is something We wait for it and expect it to become a rose. It turns out that using this technique, every day the number of “roses”, “buds” and “thorns” decreases.

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Another method recommended by this psychiatrist is the so-called “Purples of happiness”. The idea is to write the happiest moment of your day on a piece of paper and put it in a jar. When you experience failure, reach for the jar and remember your happy times and become grateful for them again.

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