September 22, 2021

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Incredible transformation - Mrs. Ksenia lost 15 kg at Projekt Zdrowie

Incredible transformation – Mrs. Ksenia lost 15 kg at Projekt Zdrowie

Another beautiful makeover in Projekt Zdrowie’s office in Oświęcim. Mrs. Ksenia, under the supervision of nutritionist Alexandra Stachik, changed her eating habits and lost 15 kilograms.

The heroine of this transformation assures that for a long time she has not felt as happy as she is now.

Which prompted you to make an appointment at the Projekt office Health in Ushim?

I wanted to work on my character. I was not satisfied with my appearance. An additional motivation for me was the effects achieved by one of my friends in collaboration with Ms. Ola.

Did you find it difficult to introduce new eating habits?

It wasn’t easy at first. Shift work, two kids, housework, I had to organize myself better. I will not hide that it was a revolution in my life, but later I can say that it entered my blood. Right now, I can’t imagine going back to the old way of eating.

How do the closest people around you react to your transformation?

Very positively and with a slight surprise I have achieved such success. They are happy with me and they support me. In my work, I have a lot of communication with people and I must admit that I often hear compliments about myself. This is very beautiful.

What would you say to those who abstain from voting all the time? Deciding to lose weight?

It is worth trying, because we have nothing to lose except unnecessary kilograms. The joy that shopping brings nowadays is an amazing thing. In addition to the visual change, I also gained more confidence, so I recommend it to everyone.

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