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Indexing of pensions in 2023 – see the accounts for eg amounts. It would be a record high! [5.11.2022 r.]

Indexing of pensions in 2023 - see the accounts for eg amounts.  It would be a record high! [5.11.2022 r.]

At the end of October, the Chamber of Deputies passed, without an opposing vote, an amendment to the Pension Indexation Act in 2023. In line with the government’s proposal, the percentage index of shares will be implemented in March of next year with a guaranteed increase of PLN 250 in total. How much will the minimum pension be, if the benefits of the sample increase based on the ratio of the expected indicators? Check in the gallery.

Food, energy and fees are skyrocketing. According to the latest data of the Central Bureau of Statistics, inflation in October was 17.9 percent. The situation is not particularly important for retirees who receive fewer benefits – it is these families who spend the bulk of their money on food and fees. What pension increase can they expect next year?

The House just passed an amendment to the Pension Indexing Act in 2023.

The government assumes that the index index in 2023 will be as high as 113.8 percent. Such a record rate is mainly caused by massive inflation in Poland.

It should be noted that in 2023 the government will conduct a percentage indicator with a guaranteed increase in the amount of PLN 250. According to the Ministry of Family and Social Policy, the lowest pension, disability pension, inheritance pension and social pension will rise to PLN 1588.44 in 2023 (currently PLN 1338.44).

Worth knowing: To finally answer the question of what the indexing index will be in 2023, we need to know all the macroeconomic data needed to calculate it. Based on expectations, the government estimates that The benchmark index will reach 113.8 percent next year. It is scheduled to know the actual indices of pensions in the first half of February, after the Central Bureau of Statistics presents the real values ​​of inflation and wage growth in 2022, which is the basis for calculating the component.

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