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Indexing Terms. UOKiK will check if it is legal or not

Indexing Terms.  UOKiK will check if it is legal or not

In the face of high inflation, more and more companies have decided to include the so-called indexation clause. It is a type of security designed to protect the profitability of organizations. Such a move is decided by, among other things, telecom operators, for example Orange Polska, which we wrote about at the end of July.

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It is standard practice in the wholesale market, and it is also present in the retail market with some operators in Poland. We decided to introduce provisions on the possibility of changing price lists as a result of changes in the inflationary environment in order to regulate this issue so that it is clear to customers – commented Orange Polska spokesperson Wojciech Jabczyński in an interview with Wirtualnemedia .pl.

UOKiK takes a closer look at indexing items

like this solution It is also often used in other industries, including construction. “Some companies make an indicator of their wages with the increase in the prices of goods and services, that is, the inflation indicator, but there are also companies that do this based on the growth rate of the average monthly wage in the business sector. Some of them themselves give the right to increase the fee once during the year, but there are also those who want to be able to increase the number of incrementsHe writes “-” Rzeczpospolita.

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At the request of the magazine, representatives of the Bureau of Competition and Consumer Protection commented on the legality of these practices. As they explained, “Provisions used in contracts with consumers must be clear and precise.”

Not every modification of the contract is permissible, but if during the term of the contract it is possible to change the price, then already at the stage of concluding the contract the consumer must know how the price may change and in what cases it may change. Contract provisions should be understandable to the average consumer – explained the communications department of UOKiK.

Sanctions from UOKiK for unfair practices

The Office resorted to telecommunications companies to obtain information on the applicable standardization clauses. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, UOKiK advises customers to carefully analyze the clauses in the concluded contracts.

In response to Rzeczpospolita’s questions, UOKiK mentioned that A financial fine may be imposed on the project owner, not exceeding 10% of the volume of works achieved in the fiscal year preceding the year in which the fine was imposed.If the entrepreneur violates, even inadvertently, the prohibition of using prohibited contractual provisions or practices that infringe the collective interests of consumers.”

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