October 18, 2021

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India beats US to break Govt case record in 1 day | The world

The country is going through a second wave of serious epidemics, with a new variant causing the number of cases to explode. People are suffering from overcrowded hospitals and beds, lack of medicine and oxygen. Graves and crematoriums could not meet the demand.

In Ahmedabad, Indians were also waiting in ambulances and private cars for vacancies at the hospital for Govind-19 on Thursday (22). Yesterday, At least 22 patients died at Nashik Hospital After interruption in oxygen supply.

Even when the health system collapses, The Indian government refuses to accept a national lockout, as was done in 2020. Many states and cities are taking control measures themselves, such as the capital New Delhi, which remains locked until Monday (26).

Patients are seen in an ambulance waiting for vacancies at Govind-19 Hospital in Ahmedabad, India on Thursday (22) – Photo: Amit Dave / Reuters

Patients wait for ambulance and beds in private car at Govind-19 Hospital in Ahmedabad, India on Thursday (22) – Photo: Amit Dave / Reuters

The situation will be even worse

The country’s health ministry has registered 314,835 cases and 2,074 deaths in the last 24 hours, a new record for deaths. Today’s figures equate to 15% of those infected with the virus and 35% of those newly infected in the world., According to “Our World Data” data.

Officially, to India It has the second highest number of Govt-19 cases (15.9 million) in the world United States (31.8 million), and the fourth highest number of deaths (182 thousand) United States (569 thousand), Brazil (381 thousand) and Mexico (213 thousand).

But still Experts believe that is the actual number of deaths Much higher than the official figure.

Many major cities have reported higher numbers of cremations and burials under the COVID-19 protocol, which has been reviewed by cremation and cemetery workers, local newspapers and government data that the death toll is higher.

Relatives wearing personal protective equipment attend the funeral of a Govind-19 victim at the cemetery in New Delhi, India on Wednesday (21) – Photo: Adnan Abidi / Reuters

In the state of Gujarat, the birthplace of the Indian Prime Minister, cremations are receiving more plates than reported in the local swings of those killed by Govt-19.

Prashant Kaprawala, director of cremation in Surat, the main city of Gujarat, said, “Two of our stoves are not working because their structures are melting and gas burners are congested.”

New variation and government inaction

The second wave of Covit-19 is mainly due to the “double mutant” variant of the new coronavirus and the mass clusters.

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