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India records 379,000 Govt cases in 24 hours and takes victim to new daily record world | The world

A India Wednesday (29) Another world record for new events in Kovit-19 – seventh in the last eight days – and It took the world for the first time out of 900,000 victims in just 24 hours.

There are 379,308 new cases in the country and 904,893 cases in the world. This surpassed the previous record of 899,755 victims Recorded on the 22nd, citing data from the Government of India and “Ever World in Data” affiliated with Oxford University.

India accounts for 42% of new cases on the planet.

Cases and deaths erupted by Govt-19 in India: Understand in 5 points

The country also set a new national death record (3,645), for the fourth day in a row the country with the highest number of deaths in the world Only 23% of all Govt-19 victims on the planet in the last 24 hours.

In the last seven days alone, there have been 2.45 million infections and more than 20,000 deaths from Govt-19 in the country. Currently, it has 18.3 million confirmed cases United States (32.2 million) and 204 thousand deaths, behind United States (574 thousand), Brazil (398 thousand) and Mexico (215 thousand).

A India Amid the outbreak of Govt-19 cases and deaths caused by the second wave, there is a decline in its health system and a final home.

Relatives mourn the death of a Govt-19 patient outside a hospital in Ahmedabad, India on April 27, 2021 – Photo: Ajith Solanki / AP

Hospitals are overcrowded, and health professionals are plagued by a lack of oxygen and medicine. Without beds, people are waiting for ambulances, private cars and help on the street.

Aspiring amidst health chaos, relatives are turning to the black market to buy oxygen and drugs, suffering from high prices and fraud. However, With a high-burden health system, many of the victims die at home.

Crematoriums and cemeteries failed to fill the number of bodies, And the number of funerals under the Code-19 protocol is much higher than the official government reserves. Mass cremations have taken place in several cities across the country.

The international community has rallied to help the country. The first ship of British medical aid arrived in Delhi on Tuesday (27) with 100 ventilators and 95 oxygen concentrators. Countries such as France, Canada and the United States have also announced their presence.

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