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India records Govt-19 infections and deaths in Argentina

Wagons will be used as temporary isolation wards at a train station in Siliguri on April 23, 2021 – AFP

India set another daily record of Govt-19 infections and Argentina recorded unprecedented deaths, exacerbating the health crisis, in a new state of emergency in Japan three months before the Olympics this Friday (23).

In the last 24 hours, there have been 330,000 new Govt-19 and 2,000 deaths in India, whose outdated health system, which has not been invested in for many years, suffers from a lack of drugs and medical oxygen.

Nearly four million cases have been reported in the country so far this month, and hospitals in the capital, New Delhi, are being asked to help deliver more oxygen.

“SOS – Max Smart Hospital and Max Hospital Oxygen supply in less than an hour. New Products (…) We expect more than 700 inpatients to receive immediate assistance, ”Max Healthcare, one of the largest private hospital chains, tweeted on Friday.

India has reported more than 16 million Govt-19 and 187,000 deaths, although in terms of its population ratio (1.3 billion people), the rest are less than many other countries.

In Brazil, with a population of 212 million, 383,502 people were reported dead, more than twice as many as in India.

In its entirety, the United States has the highest death toll from Govt-19 at 570,346.

The emergence of Indian diversity represents a new threat associated with the epidemic and countries such as Canada, France and the United Arab Emirates have tightened their restrictions on Indian travelers or suspended air links with India.

Belgian health officials on Thursday uncovered the first discovery of the Indian variant in Belgium, which includes two worrying mutations.

– Posts in Colombia and Argentina –

Worldwide, the corona virus killed 3,073,969 people and infected 114.6 million, according to official figures released on Friday by AFP.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, Kovit-19 left 883,098 deaths, and the epidemic is breaking records.

With 537 deaths, Argentina recorded the highest number of deaths in a single day on Thursday, the health ministry said, with the remaining number already reaching 60,620.

“The health system is complete, and we are very close to a recession,” said Nicolas Greblock, deputy minister of health for the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, which has a population of almost 40%.

Colombia (50 million people) also recorded a record death on Thursday (430), bringing the total reserve to 70,026 deaths in the country, the health ministry said.

In Bogota, Medellin and other capitals, the health system is under maximum pressure and the government has ordered night curfews and restrictions on movement between other activities.

As in other parts of the world, health professionals in Brazil need to strengthen themselves every day to cope with tragedy.

“We usually catch crying patients. Anxiety. According to Carlos Marx, 52, an ambulance driver from Sao Paulo, the disease has killed more than 90,000 people.

In addition to driving, he assists the two nurses who separate the shift to carry patients if needed. “At the end of the day, it thrills us because we are close to them and witness their suffering,” he says.

– Slow Vaccine –

In Asia, three months before the Olympics, the Japanese government decided to implement a new state of emergency from Sunday to May 11 in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hyoko to control the epidemic, which has been exacerbated by new variants of the virus. .

Nonetheless, officials assured that these measures would not affect the organization of the event.

In the Japanese archipelago, vaccination is slow and less than 0.7% of the population has already been vaccinated, according to official data, due to bureaucratic restrictions and medical prudence, experts say.

In Europe, the vaccine is progressing slowly, but European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen announced on Friday that by the end of July, 70% of adults in the camp countries will have enough immunity, with a target of mid-September.

“I believe we will have enough to vaccinate 70% of European adults by July,” Van der Leyen said during a visit to the Pfizer / Bioentech vaccine factory.

Meanwhile, in Russia, President Vladimir Putin has announced that he will enact ten non-working days at the end of May to combat the epidemic.

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